Doriathren Sindarin Place Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names for people, referencing places.

AegasdirMountain Peak Man (Male)View
AegasdisMountain Peak Woman (Female)View
AegaspenMountain Peak Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AegasselMountain Peak Girl (Female)View
AegasselMountaineer (Female)View
AegassethMountaineer (Female)View
AegassielDaughter of Mountain Peak (Female)View
AegassienDaughter of Mountain Peak (Female)View
AegassionSon of Mountain Peak (Male)View
AegassonMountaineer (Male)View
AegessilMountaineer (Female)View
AeglirdirMountain Range Man (Male)View
AeglirdisMountain Range Woman (Female)View
AeglirelMountaineer (Female)View
AeglirethMountaineer (Female)View
AeglirhelMountain Range Girl (Female)View
AeglirielDaughter of Mountain Range (Female)View
AeglirienDaughter of Mountain Range (Female)View
AeglirilMountaineer (Female)View
AeglirionSon of Mountain Range (Male)View
AeglironMountaineer (Male)View
AeglirphenMountain Range Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AeglirwendMountain Range Maiden (Female)View
AeldirLake/Pool/Pond Man (Male)View
AeldisLake/Pool/Pond Woman (Female)View
AelelLake/Pool/Pond Woman (Female)View
AelethLake/Pool/Pond Woman (Female)View
AelhelLake/Pool/Pond Girl (Female)View
AelielDaughter of Lake/Pool/Pond (Female)View
AelienDaughter of Lake/Pool/Pond (Female)View
AelilLake/Pool/Pond Woman (Female)View
AelionSon of Lake/Pool/Pond (Male)View
AelonLake/Pool/Pond Man (Male)View
AelphenLake/Pool/Pond Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AelwendLake/Pool/Pond Maiden (Female)View
AmrúchilHeir of the East (Gender-Neutral)View
AmrúndilLover/Friend of the East (Gender-Neutral)View
AmrúnielDaughter of the East (Female)View
AmrúnienDaughter of the East (Female)View
AmrúnionSon of the East (Male)View
AmrússerLover/Friend of the East (Gender-Neutral)View
AnnúchilHeir of the West (Gender-Neutral)View
AnnuibenWestern Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AnnuielWestern One (Female)View
AnnuiethWestern One (Female)View
AnnuihelWestern Girl (Female)View
AnnuinirWestern Man (Male)View
AnnuinisWestern Woman (Female)View
AnnuionWestern One (Male)View
AnnúndilLover/Friend of the West (Gender-Neutral)View
AnnúnielDaughter of the West (Female)View
AnnúnienDaughter of the West (Female)View
AnnúnionSon of the West (Male)View
AnnússerLover/Friend of the West (Gender-Neutral)View
ArassaegasDeer of the Mountain Peak (Gender-Neutral)View
ArassaeglirDeer of the Mountain Range (Gender-Neutral)View
ArassamonDeer of the Mount (Gender-Neutral)View
BaradelTower/Fortress Woman (Female)View
BaradethTower/Fortress Woman (Female)View
BaradhSteep (Gender-Neutral)View
BaradhelSteep Girl (Female)View
BaradhelSteep One (Female)View
BaradhesSteep One (Female)View
BaradhielDaughter of Steep One (Female)View
BaradhienDaughter of Steep One (Female)View
BaradhionSon of Steep One (Male)View
BaradhonSteep One (Male)View
BaradhwendSteep Maiden (Female)View
BaradielDaughter of Tower/Fortress (Female)View
BaradienDaughter of Tower/Fortress (Female)View
BaradionSon of Tower/Fortress (Male)View
BaradirTower/Fortress Man (Male)View
BaradisTower/Fortress Woman (Female)View
BaradonTower/Fortress Man (Male)View
BaradwendTower/Fortress Maiden (Female)View
BaraphenTower/Fortress Person (Gender-Neutral)View
BarasselTower/Fortress Girl (Female)View
BeredhilSteep One (Female)View
BeredilTower/Fortress Woman (Female)View
BrambenSteeple Person (Gender-Neutral)View
BrandirSteeple Man (Male)View
BrandisSteeple Woman (Female)View
BranhelSteeple Girl (Female)View
BrannelSteeple Woman (Female)View
BrannethSteeple Woman (Female)View
BrannielDaughter of Steeple (Female)View
BrannienDaughter of Steeple (Female)View
BrannionSon of Steeple (Male)View
BrannorSteeple Man (Male)View
BranwendSteeple Maiden (Female)View
BrasdirGreat Cliff Man (Male)View
BrasdisGreat Cliff Woman (Female)View
BraspenGreat Cliff Person (Gender-Neutral)View
BrasselGreat Cliff Girl (Female)View
BrasselGreat Cliff Woman (Female)View
BrassethGreat Cliff Woman (Female)View
BrassielDaughter of Great Cliff (Female)View
BrassienDaughter of Great Cliff (Female)View
BrassionSon of Great Cliff (Male)View
BrassonGreat Cliff Man (Male)View
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