Doriathren Sindarin Elemental Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on the elements, minerals, or resources of nature.

GondrenMade of Stone (Gender-Neutral)View
GondrendirMan Made of Stone (Male)View
GondrendisWoman Made of Stone (Female)View
GondrenelOne Made of Stone (Female)View
GondrenethOne Made of Stone (Female)View
GondrenielDaughter of One Made of Stone (Female)View
GondrenienDaughter of One Made of Stone (Female)View
GondrenionSon of One Made of Stone (Male)View
GondrenorOne Made of Stone (Male)View
GondrephenPerson Made of Stone (Gender-Neutral)View
GondresselGirl Made of Stone (Female)View
GonnielDaughter of Stone (Female)View
GonnienDaughter of Stone (Female)View
GonnionSon of Stone (Male)View
GweluchilAir's Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
GweluherLover/Friend of the Air (Gender-Neutral)View
GwelunilLover/Friend of the Air (Gender-Neutral)View
GwelwielDaughter of the Air (Female)View
GwelwienDaughter of the Air (Female)View
GwelwionSon of the Air (Male)View
HelechelIce Girl (Female)View
HelechilIce Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HeledhelGlass Woman (Female)View
HeledhelGlass Girl (Female)View
HeledhesGlass Woman (Female)View
HeledhienDaughter of Glass (Female)View
HeledhilGlass Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HeledhonGlass Man (Male)View
HeledhwendGlass Maiden (Female)View
HelegethIce Woman (Female)View
HelegienDaughter of the Ice (Female)View
HelegionSon of the Ice (Male)View
HelegnisIce Woman (Female)View
HelegwendIce Maiden (Female)View
IarchilBlood Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
IardirBlood Man (Male)View
IardisBlood Woman (Female)View
IarelBlood Woman (Female)View
IarethBlood Woman (Female)View
IarhelBlood Girl (Female)View
IarielDaughter of the Blood (Female)View
IarienDaughter of the Blood (Female)View
IarionSon of the Blood (Male)View
IaronBlood Man (Male)View
IarphenBlood Person (Gender-Neutral)View
IarwendBlood Maiden (Female)View
IerilBlood Woman (Female)View
IúlchilEmbers Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
IúldirEmbers Man (Male)View
IúldisEmbers Woman (Female)View
IúlelEmbers Woman (Female)View
IúlethEmbers Woman (Female)View
IúlhelEmbers Girl (Female)View
IúlielDaughter of the Embers (Female)View
IúlienDaughter of the Embers (Female)View
IúlilEmbers Woman (Female)View
IúlionSon of the Embers (Male)View
IúlonEmbers Man (Male)View
IúlphenEmbers Person (Gender-Neutral)View
IúlwendEmbers Maiden (Female)View
IvorchilCrystal Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
IvordirCrystal Man (Male)View
IvordisCrystal Woman (Female)View
IvorhelCrystal Girl (Female)View
IvorphenCrystal Person (Gender-Neutral)View
IvorwendCrystal Maiden (Female)View
IvrelCrystal Woman (Female)View
IvrethCrystal Woman (Female)View
IvrielDaughter of the Crystal (Female)View
IvrienDaughter of the Crystal (Female)View
IvrilCrystal Woman (Female)View
IvrionSon of the Crystal (Male)View
IvronCrystal Man (Male)View
LachelLeaping Flame Girl (Female)View
LachelLeaping Flame Woman (Female)View
LachethLeaping Flame Woman (Female)View
LachielDaughter of the Leaping Flame (Female)View
LachienDaughter of the Leaping Flame (Female)View
LachilLeaping Flame Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
LachionSon of the Leaping Flame (Male)View
LachonLeaping Flame Man (Male)View
LachwendLeaping Flame Maiden (Female)View
LechilLeaping Flame Woman (Female)View
LhoebenPoison Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LhoechilPoison Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
LhoehelPoison Girl (Female)View
LhoeonPoison Man (Male)View
LhoerbenVenom/Poison Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LhoerchilVenom/Poison Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
LhoerdirVenom/Poison Man (Male)View
LhoerdisVenom/Poison Woman (Female)View
LhoerelVenom/Poison Woman (Female)View
LhoerethVenom/Poison Woman (Female)View
LhoerhelVenom/Poison Girl (Female)View
LhoerielDaughter of Venom/Poison (Female)View
LhoerienDaughter of Venom/Poison (Female)View
LhoerilVenom/Poison Woman (Female)View
LhoerionSon of Venom/Poison (Male)View
LhoeronVenom/Poison Man (Male)View
LhoerwendVenom/Poison Maiden (Female)View
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