Doriathren Sindarin Namelists for Horses

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Banroch - Beautiful Horse

Baranroch - Brown Horse

Bathor - Trampler

Bathriel - Daughter of Trampler

Bathrion - Son of Trampler

Bathron - Trampler

Belegroch - Mighty Horse

Bethril - Trampler

Bruidal - Loud Foot

Calroch - Light Horse

Daeroch - Shadow Horse

Gilroch - Star Horse

Glosroch - Snow White Horse

Gwaedal - Wind Foot

Loborros - Red-Furred Horse

Mithroch - Grey Horse

Morroch - Black Horse

Nimroch - White Horse

Peguiroch - Spotted Horse

Rochal - Hidden Horse

Rocharan - Red Horse

Rochiril - Horse Lady

Sírdal - River Foot

Tallagor - Swift Foot

Tinnuroch - Starry Twilight Horse

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