Exilic Quenya Emotional Names

Quenya Pronunciation Guide

Names having to do with one’s emotions.

AlasselóraJoyless (Gender-Neutral)View
AlasselóranerJoyless Man (Male)View
AlasselóranisJoyless Woman (Female)View
AlasselóraquenJoyless Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlasselóravenJoyless Girl (Female)View
AlasselóreJoyless One (Female)View
AlasselórieJoyless One (Female)View
AlasselórielDaughter of Joyless One (Female)View
AlasselórienJoyless (Female)View
AlasselórionSon of Joyless One (Male)View
AlasselórnoJoyless One (Male)View
AlasselóroJoyless One (Male)View
AlasselóronJoyless One (Male)View
AlassenerJoy Man (Male)View
AlassenisJoy Woman (Female)View
AlassequenJoy Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlassevenJoy Girl (Female)View
AlassieJoy Woman (Female)View
AlassielDaughter of Joy (Female)View
AlassienJoy Woman (Female)View
AlassindeJoyful Heart (Female)View
AlassindoJoyful Heart (Gender-Neutral)View
AlassionSon of Joy (Male)View
AlassoJoy Man (Male)View
AlassonJoy Man (Male)View
AlasweJoy Being (Gender-Neutral)View
AvaldaExcited (Gender-Neutral)View
AvaldanerExcited Man (Male)View
AvaldanisExcited Woman (Female)View
AvaldaquenExcited Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AvaldavenExcited Girl (Female)View
AvaldeExcited One (Female)View
AvaldieExcited One (Female)View
AvaldielDaughter of Excited One (Female)View
AvaldienExcited One (Female)View
AvaldionSon of Excited One (Male)View
AvaldoExcited One (Male)View
AvaldonExcited One (Male)View
CaurenerFear Man (Male)View
CaurenisFear Woman (Female)View
CaurequenFear Person (Gender-Neutral)View
CaurevenFear Girl (Female)View
CaurieFear Woman (Female)View
CaurielDaughter of Fear (Female)View
CaurienFear Woman (Female)View
CaurionSon of Fear (Male)View
CaurnoFear Man (Male)View
CauroFear Man (Male)View
CauronFear Man (Male)View
CaurweFear Being (Gender-Neutral)View
FealasseJoyous Spirit (Gender-Neutral)View
FealassieJoyous Spirit (Female)View
FealassoJoyous Spirit (Male)View
ÍrdoDesire Man (Male)View
ÍrenerDesire Man (Male)View
ÍrenisDesire Woman (Female)View
ÍrequenDesire Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ÍrevenDesire Girl (Female)View
ÍrieDesire Woman (Female)View
ÍrielDaughter of Desire (Female)View
ÍrienDesire Woman (Female)View
ÍrionSon of Desire (Male)View
ÍroDesire Man (Male)View
ÍronDesire Man (Male)View
ÍrweDesire Being (Gender-Neutral)View
LumbaWeary (Gender-Neutral)View
LumbanerWeary Man (Male)View
LumbanisWeary Woman (Female)View
LumbanoWeary One (Male)View
LumbaquenWeary Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LumbavenWeary Girl (Female)View
LumbeWeary One (Female)View
LumbieWeary One (Female)View
LumbielDaughter of Weary One (Female)View
LumbienWeary One (Female)View
LumbionSon of Weary One (Male)View
LumboWeary One (Male)View
LumbonWeary One (Male)View
MaildoLust Man (Male)View
MaileLust Woman (Female)View
MaileLustful One (Female)View
MaileaLustful (Gender-Neutral)View
MaileanerLustful Man (Male)View
MaileanisLustful Woman (Female)View
MaileanoLustful One (Male)View
MaileaquenLustful Person (Gender-Neutral)View
MaileavenLustful Girl (Female)View
MailenerLust Man (Male)View
MailenisLust Woman (Female)View
MaileoLustful One (Male)View
MaileonLustful One (Male)View
MailequenLust Person (Gender-Neutral)View
MailevenLust Girl (Female)View
MailieLust Woman (Female)View
MailieLustful One (Female)View
MailielDaughter of Lust (Female)View
MailielDaughter of Lustful One (Female)View
MailienLust Woman (Female)View
MailienLustful One (Female)View
MailionSon of Lust (Male)View
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