Exilic Quenya Ability Names

Quenya Pronunciation Guide

Names dealing with things that one can do.

AlarcaSwift/Rapid (Gender-Neutral)View
AlarcanerSwift/Rapid Man (Male)View
AlarcanisSwift/Rapid Woman (Female)View
AlarcaquenSwift/Rapid Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlarcavenSwift/Rapid Girl (Female)View
AlarceSwift/Rapid One (Female)View
AlarcielDaughter of Swift/Rapid One (Female)View
AlarcionSon of Swift/Rapid One (Male)View
AlarcoSwift/Rapid One (Male)View
AlarconSwift/Rapid One (Male)View
FíneDexterous One (Female)View
FíneaDexterous (Gender-Neutral)View
FíneanerDexterous Man (Male)View
FíneanisDexterous Woman (Female)View
FíneaquenDexterous Person (Gender-Neutral)View
FíneavenDexterous Girl (Female)View
FíneoDexterous One (Male)View
FíneonDexterous One (Male)View
FínieDexterous One (Female)View
FínielDaughter of Dexterous One (Female)View
FínienDexterous One (Female)View
FínionSon of Dexterous One (Male)View
LarcaSwift/Rapid (Gender-Neutral)View
LarcanerSwift/Rapid Man (Male)View
LarcanisSwift/Rapid Woman (Female)View
LarcanoSwift/Rapid One (Male)View
LarcaquenSwift/Rapid Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LarcavenSwift/Rapid Girl (Female)View
LarceSwift/Rapid One (Female)View
LarcieSwift/Rapid One (Female)View
LarcielDaughter of Swift/Rapid One (Female)View
LarcienSwift/Rapid One (Female)View
LarcionSon of Swift/Rapid One (Male)View
LarcoSwift/Rapid One (Male)View
LarconSwift/Rapid One (Male)View
LencaSlow (Gender-Neutral)View
LencanerSlow Man (Male)View
LencanisSlow Woman (Female)View
LencanoSlow One (Male)View
LencaquenSlow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LencavenSlow Girl (Female)View
LenceSlow One (Female)View
LencieSlow One (Female)View
LencielDaughter of Slow One (Female)View
LencienSlow One (Female)View
LencionSon of Slow One (Male)View
LencoSlow One (Male)View
LenconSlow One (Male)View
LeptafinyaClever-fingered (Gender-Neutral)View
LeptafinyeClever-fingered One (Female)View
LeptafinyoClever-fingered One (Male)View
LimbeQuick/Swift (Gender-Neutral)View
LimbenerQuick/Swift Man (Male)View
LimbenisQuick/Swift Woman (Female)View
LimbequenQuick/Swift Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LimbevenQuick/Swift Girl (Female)View
LimbieQuick/Swift One (Female)View
LimbielDaughter of Quick/Swift One (Female)View
LimbienQuick/Swift One (Female)View
LimbionSon of Quick/Swift One (Male)View
LimboQuick/Swift One (Male)View
LimbonQuick/Swift One (Male)View
LindaBeautiful Sounding (Gender-Neutral)View
LindaleMelodious One (Female)View
LindaleaMelodious (Gender-Neutral)View
LindaleanerMelodious Man (Male)View
LindaleanisMelodious Woman (Female)View
LindaleanoMelodious One (Male)View
LindaleaquenMelodious Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LindaleavenMelodious Girl (Female)View
LindaleoMelodious One (Male)View
LindaleonMelodious One (Male)View
LindalieMelodious One (Female)View
LindalielDaughter of Melodious One (Female)View
LindalienMelodious (Female)View
LindalionSon of Melodious One (Male)View
LindanerBeautiful Sounding Man (Male)View
LindanisBeautiful Sounding Woman (Female)View
LindanoBeautiful Sounding One (Male)View
LindaquenBeautiful Sounding Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LindavenBeautiful Sounding Girl (Female)View
LindeBeautiful Sounding One (Female)View
LindieBeautiful Sounding One (Female)View
LindielDaughter of Beautiful Sounding One (Female)View
LindienBeautiful Sounding One (Female)View
LindionSon of Beautiful Sounding One (Male)View
LindoBeautiful Sounding One (Male)View
LindómaSweet Voice (Gender-Neutral)View
LindómeSweet Voice (Female)View
LindómoSweet Voice (Male)View
LindonBeautiful Sounding One (Male)View
LintaSwift (Gender-Neutral)View
LintanerSwift Man (Male)View
LintanisSwift Woman (Female)View
LintanoSwift One (Male)View
LintaquenSwift Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LintavenSwift Girl (Female)View
LinteSwift One (Female)View
LintieSwift One (Female)View
LintielDaughter of Swift One (Female)View
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