Exilic Quenya Horse Names

Quenya Pronunciation Guide

Calarocco - Light Horse

Carnirocco - Red Horse

Elerrocco - Star Horse

Fánarocco - White Horse

Haldarocco - Shade Horse

Huirocco - Night Horse

Larcatal - Fast Foot

Lómerocco - Twilight Horse

Losserocco - Snow White Horse

Mistarocco - Grey Horse

Morirocco - Black Horse

Nullarocco - Hidden Horse

Roccotári - Lady of Horses

Russarocco - Red Horse

Sailarocco - Wise Horse

Súretal - Wind Foot

Tulcarocco - Powerful Horse

Turcanna - Powerful Gift

Vanyarocco - Fair Horse

Varnerocco - Swarthy Horse

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