Exilic Quenya Horse Names

Quenya Pronunciation Guide

CalaroccoLight HorseView
CarniroccoRed HorseView
ElerroccoStar HorseView
FanyaroccoWhite HorseView
HaldaroccoShade HorseView
HuineroccoShadow HorseView
LarcatalFast FootView
LómeroccoTwilight HorseView
LosseroccoSnow White HorseView
MistaroccoGrey HorseView
MoriroccoBlack HorseView
NullaroccoHidden HorseView
PicaroccoSpotted HorseView
RoccotáriLady of HorsesView
RussaroccoRed HorseView
SailaroccoWise HorseView
SúletalWind FootView
TulcaroccoPowerful HorseView
TurcannaPowerful GiftView
UndomeroccoNightfall Star HorseView
ValaroccoMighty HorseView
VanyaroccoFair HorseView
VarneroccoSwarthy HorseView

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