Old English Female Names

Old English Pronunciation Guide

Names for your female characters.

AdgithBattle wealthView
AldgithOld battleView
AldwynOld joyView
BledgifuFame's giftView
BledswithStrong fameView
BledwynFame's joyView
BrunhildBrown battleView
BrunwynBrown joyView
BurnhildBattle streamView
BurnwynJoy's streamView
CwendarDear womanView
CwenhildWoman of battleView
CwenswithStrong womanView
CynefledFamily beautyView
CynegithFamily battleView
CyneredFamily counselView
CynewiseFamily wiseView
CynewynFamily joyView
DarfledDear beautyView
DargifuDear giftView
DarwiseDear and wiseView
DarwynDear joyView
DawfledDew beautyView
DawynDew joyView
EafledRiver beautyView
EawynRiver joyView
EdhildBattle fortuneView
ElfgifuElf giftView
ElfhildElf battleView
ElfwiseElf wiseView
EngifuA giftView
ÉowynHorse joyView
EstmundGrace in peaceView
EstrunSecret graceView
EstswithStrong graceView
EstwynJoyful graceView
EthelfledNoble beautyView
FrithildPeace in battleView
GarfledSpear beautyView
GledhildBattle fire (coal)View
GledswithFire's strengthView
GodlissGood and kindView
GodswithStrong and goodView
LayfledBeauty in waterView
LayrunSecret waterView
LaywynJoy in waterView
LeofgifuLove's giftView
LeofledBeloved beautyView
LissgifuGift of kindnessView
LisswynJoy in kindnessView
MerefledFamous beautyView
MeregifuFamous giftView
MeregithFamous battleView
MerelissFamous kindnessView
MerewynFamous joyView
MerthgifuGlory's giftView
MerthgithGlory of battleView
MerthwynJoy of gloryView
MildgithGentle battleView
MildwynGentle joyView
RosefledRose beautyView
RunfledSecret beautyView
RunhildSecret battleView
RunwiseSecret and wiseView
RunwynSecret joyView
SaulredSoul's counselView
SaulwynSoul's joyView
ShadufledShadow beautyView
ShadugifuShadow's giftView
ShaduwynShadow joyView
SigeburgaVictory dwellingView
SigerunSecret victoryView
SigewynJoyful victoryView
SorgifuSorrow's giftView
SorrunSecret sorrowView
SorwynSorrow and joyView
SunnfledSun's beautyView
SunngifuSun's giftView
SunnwynSun's joyView
SwetefledSweet beautyView
SwetelayuSweet waterView
SweterunSweet mysteryView
SwetewynSweet joyView
ThéodburgaDwelling of the peopleView
ThéodrunSecret of the peopleView
ThéodwynJoy of the peopleView
TrewfledTrue beautyView
TrewgifuTrue giftView
TrewhildTrue battleView
TrewredTrue counselView
TrewrunTrue mysteryView
TrewynTrue joyView
WilfledFriendly beautyView
WilrunFriendly secretView
WynfledJoy in beautyView