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Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu Vanisauro – Beautiful and Foul One/Gary Stu


Foul/Putrid One Sauro – Foul/Putrid One

Adûnaic Dictionary

Compiled by Lambendil a- pron. aff. it ~ (*3A-/*?A-) -a suff. Subjective ending for plural Neuters ~ (SD/430) aban n. earth <-Abattârik ~ UT/222 ~ (*BAN1) abâr n. strength, endurance, fidelity ~ SD/431 ~ (BAR) < E. BOR Abattârik name. Pillar-of-Earth ~ UT/222 ~ Aban-Târik abrazâ- v. to stand fast

Tolkien’s Magic

I’m not speaking of his incredible writing voice or his powerful poetry; I’m speaking of the magic in Eä, the World that Is. There seems to be a lot of confusion on this topic in the fanfiction and RP world. With many fans left clueless, they turn to other fandoms

Vampires and Werewolves in Middle-earth

We all know what the stereotypes of vampires and werewolves are in our modern fiction. They’re based off a combination of Bram Stokers’ Dracula and old European folktales. Tolkien, however, didn’t have brooding, humanoid, mysterious vampires or werewolves in his work. Here, I shall cover the brief mentions of Tolkien’s

Calendars of Arda

Eldarin Calendar Elves have a long time to live, and thus, divide their lives accordingly. Elves prefer to count time by 12 and 6. Terms Yén (Quenya) 144 years Coranar or Loa (Quenya) – În or Idhrin (Sindarin) 365 days Enquië (Quenya) 1 week, 6 days long Ré (Quenya) –

Adûnaic Pronunciation

Pronunciation of Adûnaic changed rapidly during its time. Since the phrases and names are given in the Late Adûnaic, this pronunciation guide focuses on that. Vowels (A/Â) Pronounce them /a/, in the back of your throat, like the A is in the word “father”. (Ê) Pronounce them /e:/, in the