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Smiling/Gracious/Sweet-faced Raina – Smiling/Gracious/Sweet-faced


Netted/Enlaced/Caught in a Net Raina – Netted/Enlaced/Caught in a Net


raina1 Smiling/Gracious/Sweet-faced


raina2 Netted/Enlaced/Caught in a Net

Melissa in Elvish

Melissa, your name is really cool! And cute. It means “honeybee.” We find it in Greek Mythology as the name of the Nymph who saved and raised Zeus, and it has changed little from antiquity. I also happen to really love how this name sounds, but I’m a weirdo linguist,

Quenya Pronunciation

Another website with information about Quenya Pronunciation: Elvish Pronunciation Guide Voices in the recordings are Fiona Jallings and Tinwelint. Vowels `C=~C(A/Á) Pronounce them /a/, like the A is in the word “father”. Make sure that the A is pronounced the same at the ends of words too. English speakers often