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Blesser Manyaro – Blesser


Son of Blesser Manyarion – Son of Blesser


Blesser Manyar – Blesser


Blesser Manyare – Blesser


Daughter of Blesser Manyariel – Daughter of Blesser

Quenya Sentient Creatures, Tribes, and Nationalities

Here’s a list of words for sentient things capable of speech. I’ve organized them by number. Archaic versions of the words are in (parentheses). Words for things only found in Middle-earth don’t have archaic versions. A quick set of definitions of the grammatical terms: Singular One [noun] Plural More than

Find Your Phrasebook

Hello writer. I see you have a character who would like to hold a conversation in another tongue. This page will help you figure out what language and dialect you need phrases in. What species is this character? Elf Human (and Hobbit) Dwarf If they are speaking to a fellow

Elven Naming Traditions of Middle-earth

If you haven’t read the essay on the Elven naming traditions of Valinor, go back and read it, then read this essay. The conclusions and terminology used in this essay will make more sense if you do so. Of the naming traditions of the Eldar who lived in Valinor, we