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Son of Desirer Son of Desirer yesta- -ro -ion…


To Desire To Desire Yestar Yestare Yestariel Yestaro Yestarion


…Tultaro Tultarion Tulyaro Tulyarion Vahtaro Vahtarion Valyaro Valyarion Varyaro Varyarion Vasaryaro Vasaryarion Viryaro Viryarion Vistaro Vistarion Wahtaro Wahtarion Walyaro Walyarion Waþaryaro Waþaryarion Wiryaro Wiryarion Wistaro Wistarion Yangaro Yangarion Yestaro Yestarion


…Vorosanion Voroþanion Wahtarion Wailimion Waldion Walyarion Wanwion Wárion Waþaryarion Wénion Wenion Wérion Wilindion Wildion Wilwion Wilwarindion Winimion Winion Wirion Wiryarion Wistarion Yaimion Yalindion Yalúmion Yánion Yangarion Yárion Yárion Yelwion Yestarion