Request Dialogue

Need some custom dialogue written? Answer the following questions; then fill out the form.

Please make sure you don’t use any modern slang in the sentences you send me, slang often has multiple meanings that I would have to choose from, and I may not know the slang word’s meaning. Also, find other ways to say ‘Yes’ (It is so), ‘Sorry’ (I am sad for you), ‘Please’ (for my pleasure’), or ‘Help’ (I need healing!) if you must use them. Those words cause us a world of trouble when people ask for translations, because these phrases often have many meanings and would be translated many different ways in Elvish!

One fool proof way is to just send the entire scene with the dialogue you want translated marked in some way.

All translation requests are free for monthly donators. Otherwise, it’s $10 per a line. A line is about 10 words or 2 sentences long, and a 1 line of poetry = 1 line. We will work out the translations, and once you are happy with the translation, I will send you an invoice.