Translation Requests

Need a custom translation? Then you’re in the right place!

Here are guides for how to request a translation that loses as little of the translation as possible.

Request a Character’s Name

Need to name your characters, but want a custom name? Go here!

Request Your Name

Want to know how to say your name in Elvish? (Or write it in Tengwar?) Go here!

Request Dialogue

Need custom translations for your characters to speak? Go here!

Request a Tattoo/Inscription

Need a Tengwar or Cirth text for a tattoo or any other sort of inscription? Go here!

Your Translator and Her Abilities

Hi there! I’m Fiona Jallings, the head translator of this website! I’ve been studying Tolkien’s languages since I was 15 years old (2002). In the process I ended up with a degree in linguistics, and a goal in my scholarship emerged. I want to make Tolkien’s languages accessible to non-linguists. When I started out, one’s choices in sources to study from were either scholarly linguistic-type texts or poorly done translations, wordlists, and grammars done by well-meaning amateurs that didn’t have the background to understand the material. I started out as one of those amateurs. But now, I’m at the other end, trying my best to give the general public access to this scholarship without having to learn linguistics first.

Over the years I’ve done thousands of translations, making me one of the most fluent translators on the web. Because I started working with fanfictions, I developed a unique approach – focusing on the dialects for different groups of characters, while before, the focus was much more on being able to communicate with fellow fans. That’s why, when it’s time to select a language, you will find a whole bunch of dialects to choose from as well.

Most of my work is available for free, but I’m charging for custom translations to help support the free material.

These are the languages that I can translate into:

  • Quenya Archaic, Exilic, and Gondorian dialects – Plenty of vocabulary and a mostly complete grammar.
  • Sindarin Archaic, Exilic, Doriathren, Woodelven, and Gondorian dialects- Plenty of vocabulary and a fairly complete grammar.
  • Adûnaic – Limited vocabulary and a limited grammar.

These are the scripts that I can write with.

  • Tengwar, Classical Mode
    Quenya: Hlassen nairea linderya mi laicatauresse.

    Sindarin: Lastannen i lind dhem dîn mi Eryn Lasgalen.

    English: I heard her sad song in Greenwood.
  • Tengwar, Mode of Beleriand (Sindarin Only) Lastannen i lind dhem dîn mi Eryn Lasgalen.
  • Cirth (Sindarin Only) Lastannen i lind dhem dîn mi Eryn Lasgalen.


All translation requests are free for $20 monthly donators. Otherwise, I charge thusly:

  • A Character’s Names: $10 per a character
    For all of the names for one character in Sindarin, Quenya, or Adûnaic.
  • Cirth/Tengwar: $5 per a word.
    Lines of poetry, random phrases, names, words written with Tengwar or Cirth. Transliterations will be sent in the form of PDFs unless requested otherwise.
  • Line Translation: $20 per a sentence.
    Translations of lines of poetry, sentences, random phrases into Sindarin, Quenya, or Adûnaic. 1 line of poetry/a song = 1 sentence, because poetry is insanely difficult to translate well and will require multiple drafts to get it right.
  • Word Translation: $1 per a word.
    A word translated into Sindarin, Quenya, or Adûnaic.
  • Your Name Translated: $5 per a name.
    Our-World names translated into Sindarin, Quenya, or Adûnaic. Price is per the name, so for a first name and surname, each would count as a separate name.
  • Consultation: $100 an hour, charged by the quarter hour.
    This is the miscellaneous section, for anything that doesn’t fall easily into the above categories. I may also switch to this to save you money if it looks like the translations will take hundreds of dollars.