Elvish Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-Lyrics

Here are all of the Elven lyrics in the Fellowship of the Ring movie. If you’d like to read more in depth analysis of these texts, visit Gwaith-i-Phethdain‘s extensive work.

The Prophecy: [Quenya] Voice Actor(s): Camden Jenkins

Yénillor mornë
tulintë i quettar
Tercáno Nuruva.
Quetis Ilfirimain.
Quetis Ilfirimain:
Corma turien te
Corma tuvien
Corma tultien te
Huinessë nutien.
Tercáno Nuruva.
Tuvien Corma tultien te
Huinessë nutien
Corma turien te Corma.

Out of the Black Years
come the words
the Herald of Death.
It speaks to those who were not born to die.
It speaks to those who were not born to die:
One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to find them
One Ring to bring them all
And in the Darkness bind them.
The Herald of Death
to find One Ring, to bring them all
And in the Darkness bind
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring

Song to Tinúviel: [Sindarin] Voice Actor(s): Fiona Jallings

Tinúviel elvanui
Elleth alfirin edhelhael
O hon ring finnil fuinui
A renc gelebrin thiliol…

Tinúviel the elven-fair,
Immortal maiden elven-wise,
About him cast her shadowy hair
And arms like silver glimmering…

A Elbereth Gilthoniel: [Sindarin] Voice Actor(s): Fiona Jallings

A Elbereth Gilthoniel,
silivren penna miriel
o menel aglar elenath,
na-chaered palan-diriel
o galadhremmin ennorath
nef aear, sí aearon,
Fanuilos, le linnathon
Nef aear, sí aearon!

O Star-queen Star-kindler,
Glimmering white, sparkling like jewels
the glory of the heavens slides down from the firmament.
Having gazed afar at the distance
from tree-tangled lands of Middle-earth
on this side of the ocean, here, great ocean
Fanuilos, I will sing to you
On this side of the ocean, here, great ocean!

Aníron: [Sindarin] Voice Actor(s): Fiona Jallings

O môr henion i dhû:
Ely siriar, êl síla.
Ai! Aníron Undómiel.
Tiro! Êl eria e môr.
I ‘lîr en êl luitha ‘úren.
Ai! Aníron…

From darkness I understand the night:
dreams flow, a star shines.
Ah! I desire Arwen Evenstar.
Look! A star rises out of the darkness.
The song of the star enchants my heart.
Ah! I desire…

Lament for Gandalf – Verse 1: [Quenya] Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

A Olórin i yáressë
Mentaner i Númeherui
Tírien i Rómenóri,
Maiaron i oiosaila
Manan elyë etevannë
Nórië i malanelyë?

Oh, Olórin whom long ago
sent the Lords of the West
to guard the Lands of the East,
ever-wise of the Maiar
what drove you to leave
land which you loved?

Lament for Gandalf – Verses 2 & 3: [Sindarin] Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Mithrandir, Mithrandir! A Randir Vithren!
Ú-reniathach i amar galen
I reniad lín ne môr, nuithannen.
In gwidh ristennin, i fae narchannen
I Lach Anor ed ardhon gwannen
Calad veleg, ethuiannen.

Mithrandir, Mithrandir, O Pilgrim Grey
No more you will wander the world green
Your journey in darkness stopped.’
‘The bonds cut, the spirit broken
The Flame of Anor has left this World
Great light has gone out.

Lament for Gandalf – Chorus: [Quenya] Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Melmë nóren sina
núra ala Eäro nur
Ilfirin nairelma
ullumë nucuvalmë
Nauva i nauva

Our love for this land
Is deeper than the deeps
Of the sea.
Our regret is undying
Yet we will cast all away
Rather than submit.
What should be shall be.

Namárië: [Quenya] Voice Actor(s): Eve Haegele

Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen,
yéni únotimë ve ramar aldaron!
yéni ve lintë…
Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien.
Sinomë maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn’ Ambar-metta!

Alas! golden leaves fall in the wind,
long years numberless as the wings of trees!
Long years like swift…’
‘Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come.
In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world!

O Queen Beyond the Western Seas: [Sindarin] Voice Actor(s): Fiona Jallings

A Bereth thar Ennui Aeair!
Calad ammen i reniar
Mi ‘aladhremmin ennorath.
A Elbereth Gilthoniel
i chin a thûl lín míriel…

O Queen beyond the Western Seas!
O light to us that wander
Amid the tree-woven middle-lands.
O Elbereth Star-kindler
your eyes and breath are shining like jewels…

Speak, Friend!