Recorded Scripts

Have you ever wanted to hear the non-English lines in the movies without the acting and background noise in the way, so you could figure out how to pronounce them? If you have, this section is devoted to you. Herein lies the collected and re-recorded Non-English lines from the movies, including song-lyrics and weapon inscriptions.

The Voice Actors

Dreamingfifi recorded these fine voice actors, who worked for several months, between classes and jobs, for free. Glory to these hard-working people who made this page possible!

  • Aaron Shaw (Random Elves, Sam Gamgee, and songs)
  • Adam Elliott (a song)
  • Arron Clark (Legolas and Glorfindel)
  • Camden Jenkins (Treebeard, songs, and weapon inscriptions)
  • Cody Leatzow (Gandalf, Saruman, Random Elf, songs, and weapon inscriptions)
  • E. A. Hartmann (Frodo and songs)
  • Eve Haegele (Galadriel and songs)
  • Fiona Jallings (Gilraen and a song)
  • Fiona McNeal (Arwen and songs)
  • Spencer Reh (Elrond, Haldir, Celeborn, songs, and a weapon inscription)
  • Thomas Elrod (Aragorn and a song)
  • The University of Montana Anime Club (the people of Gondor)

Transcript Credits

  • For the movie translations of the Non-English dialogue, songs, and inscriptions, I used the work of the Gwaith-i-Phethdain.

Special thanks to my grandmother for letting me record in her house, and to for being such a shitty website that I was compelled to help them out.

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