Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Camden Jenkins

Source: The Two Towers Lyrics

Naur vi eryn,
lanc i dalaf.
Mathach vi geven?
Nostach vi ‘wilith?
Mâb le i nagor,
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel.
Dorthach vi mar han?
Dagrathach go hain?

The woods are burning,
the ground lies bare.
Do you feel it in the earth?
Can you smell it in the air?
The war is upon you,
Death moves in the fading light.
Are you part of this world?
Will you join their fight?


/ˈnaur   vi   ˈɛ.ryn/
/ˈlaŋk   i   ˈda.lav/
/ˈma.θax   vi   ˈgɛ.vɛn/
/ˈnɔs.tax   vi   ˈwi.liθ/
/ˈma:b   lɛ   i   ˈna.gɔr/
/ˈba:d   ˈgurθ   viŋ   ˈga.lad   ˈfi.ri.ɛl̡/
/ˈdɔr.θax   vi   ˈmar   ˈhan/
/ˈdag.ra.θax   gɔ   ˈhajn/

Simplified Pronunciation:

NAUR vi E.ryn
LAÑk i DA.lav
MA.thakh vii GE.ven
NOS.takh vi WI.lith
BAAAD GURTH viñ GA.lad FI.ri.el
DOR.thakh vi MAR HAN
DAG.ra.thakh go HAIN