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The Fight

Language: Quenya

Voice Actor(s): Camden Jenkins

Source: The Two Towers Lyrics

Cuiva Olórin
Tira nottolya
Tulta tuolya
An mauya mahtië
Ter oiomornië
Ter ondicilyar.

Awake Olórin
Servant of fire
Face your foe
Summon forth your strength
For you must fight
Through endless dark
Through chasms of stone.
To the end.
To the death!


/ˈ   ɔ.lo:.rin/
/ˈti.ra   nɔt.ˈtɔl.ja/
/ˈtul.ta   tu.ˈɔl.ja/
/an   ˈmau.ja   ˈmax.ti.ɛ/
/ˈtɛr   ɔj.ɔ.ˈmɔɛ/
/ˈtɛr   ɔn.di.ˈkil.jar/

Simplified Pronunciation: o.LOO.rin
naa.REN.dur not.TOL.ja
TUL.ta tu.OL.ja
an MAU.ja MAKH.ti.e
TER on.di.KIL.jar

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