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Recorded Scripts > Fellowship of the Ring Lyrics > Lament for Gandalf – Chorus

Lament for Gandalf – Chorus

Language: Quenya

Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Source: Fellowship of the Ring Lyrics

Melmë nóren sina
núra ala Eäro nur
Ilfirin nairelma
ullumë nucuvalmë
Nauva i nauva

Our love for this land
Is deeper than the deeps
Of the sea.
Our regret is undying
Yet we will cast all away
Rather than submit.
What should be shall be.


/ˈmɛl.mɛ  ˈno:.rɛn  ˈ
/ˈnu:.ra  ˈ  ˈɛ.a.rɔ  ˈnur/
/ˈ  naj.ˈrɛ
/ˈɛ  nu.ku.ˈval.mɛ/
/ˈ  i

Simplified Pronunciation:
NUU.ra NUR i

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