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Lament for Gandalf – Verse 1

Language: Quenya

Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Source: Fellowship of the Ring Lyrics

A Olórin i yáressë
Mentaner i Númeherui
Tírien i Rómenóri,
Maiaron i oiosaila
Manan elyë etevannë
Nórië i malanelyë?

Oh, Olórin whom long ago
sent the Lords of the West
to guard the Lands of the East,
ever-wise of the Maiar
what drove you to leave
land which you loved?


/a   ɔ.ˈlo:.rin   i   ja:.ˈrɛs.ɛ/
/ˈmɛn.ta.nɛr   i   nu:.ˈmɛ.hɛ.ruj/
/ˈti:.ri.ɛn   i   ro:.mɛ.ˈno:.ri/
/ˈmaj.a.rɔn   i   ɔj.ɔ.ˈ
/ˈma.nan   ˈɛl.jɛ   ɛ.tɛ.ˈvan.nɛ/
/ˈno:.ri.ɛ   iˈnɛl.jɛ/

Simplified Pronunciation:

a o.LOO.rin i
MEN.ta.ner i nuu.ME.he.rui
TII.ti.en i
MAI.a.ron i
NOO.ri.e i

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