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Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Camden Jenkins

Source: Weapon Inscriptions

Turgon aran Gondolin tortha gar a matha
i vegil Glamdring gûd daelo, dam an Glamhoth

Turgon, king of Gondolin, wields, has and holds the sword’
foe of Morgoth’s realm, hammer to the Orcs.


/ˈtur.gɔn   ˈa.ran   ˈgɔn.dɔ.lin   ˈtɔr.θa   ˈgar   a   ˈma.θa/
/i   ˈvɛ.gil̡   ˈglam.driŋ   ˈgu:d   ˈdaɛ.lɔ   ˈdam   aŋ   ˈglam.hɔθ/

Simplified Pronunciation:

TUR.gon A.ran TOR.tha GAR a MA.tha
i VE.gil GLAM.driñ GUUUD DAE.lo DAM añ GLAM.hoth

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