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Language: Quenya

Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Source: Fellowship of the Ring Movie, On Caradhras

Cuiva nwalca Carnirassë! Nai yarvaxëa rasselya taltuva ñotto-carinnar!

Wake up cruel Redhorn! May your blood-stained horn fall upon the enemy-heads!


/ˈ  ˈnwal.kaˈras.sɛ/  /ˈnaj  jar.ˈvak.sɛ.a  ras.ˈsɛl.ja  ˈ  ˌŋɔt.tɔ.ka.ˈrin.nar/

Simplified Pronunciation: NWAL.ka   NAI ras.SEL.ja Ñ

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