Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Fiona McNeal

Source: Fellowship of the Ring Movie, Arwen meets Strider and the Hobbits on the Road

Frodo, im Arwen. Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad.

Frodo, I am Arwen – I’ve come to help you. Hear my voice… Come back to the light.


/ˈfrɔ.dɔ  im  ˈar.wɛn/  /ˈtɛ.lin  lɛ  ˈθaɛd/  /ˈlas.tɔ  ˈbɛθ  ˈni:n/  /ˈtɔ.lɔ  dan  naŋ  ˈga.lad/

Simplified Pronunciation: im AR.wen   TE.lin le THAED BETH NIIIN   TO.lo dan nañ GA.lad

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