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Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Thomas Elrod

Source: Fellowship of the Ring Movie, Leaving Lothlórien

Aníron i e broniatha, ad ae periatham athar i methid en-amar hen. Aníron i e círatha na Valannor.

I would have her leave these shores and be with her people. I would have her take the ship to Valinor.


/a.ˈniˑ.rɔn  i  ɛ  brɔ.ˈni.a.θa  ad  ˈaɛ  p&#603.ˈri.a.θam  ˈa.θar  i  ˈmɛ.θid  ɛn  ˈa.mar  ˈhɛn/  /a.ˈniˑ.rɔn  i  ɛ  ˈkiˑ.ra.θa  na  va.ˈlan.nɔr/

Simplified Pronunciation:

a.NII.ron i e bro.NI.a.tha ad AE pe.RI.a.tham A.thar i ME.this en.A.mar HEN   a.NII.ron i e KII.ra.tha na va.LAN.nor

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