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Language: Old English

Voice Actor(s): None, yet.

Source: The Two Towers Movie, In the Stables

Fæste, stille nú, fæste, stille nú. Lac is drefed, gefrægon. Hwæt nemnað ðe?

Fast, be quiet now, fast, be quiet now. A battle is stirred up, they heard. What is your name?


/ˈfæste ˈstɪlle ˈnu: ˈfæste ˈstɪlle ˈnu:/ /ˈlæk ˈɪs ˈdɹeved jˈfɹæxɒn/ /ˈʍæt ˈnemnaθ ˈθe/

Simplified Pronunciation:

FÆS.te STIL.le NUU FÆS.te STIL.le NUU   LAK is DRE.ved yef.RÆ.chon WHÆT NEM.nath THE

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