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People of Gondor

Language: Quenya

Voice Actor(s): Aaron Shaw; Crowd: The University of Montana Anime Club

Source: The Lord of the Rings, Book VI

A laita te, laita te! Andavë laituvalmet!
Cormacolindor, a laita tárienna!

O bless them, bless them! Long we will praise them!
The Ring-bearers, O bless them to the heights!


/a  ˈlaj.ta  ˈtɛ  ˈlaj.ta  ˈtɛ/  /ˈan.da.vɛ  laj.tu.ˈval.mɛt/
/kɔɔ.ˈlin.dɔr  a  ˈlaj.ta  ta:.ri.ˈɛ

Simplified Pronunciation:

a LAI.ta TE a LAI.ta TE lai.tu.VAL.met a LAI.ta

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