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Language: Archaic Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Spencer Reh

Source: Fellowship of the Ring Movie, Council of Elrond and Setting off from Rivendell

Anirne hene beriad i chên dîn. Ned Imladris nauthant e le beriathar aen.

She wanted to protect her child. She thought in Rivendell you would be safe.


/a.ˈnir.nɛ  ˈhɛ.nɛ  ˈbɛ  i  ˈxɛ:n  ˈdi:n/  /nɛd  im.ˈlad.ris  ˈnau.θant  ɛ  lɛ  bɛ.ˈri.a.θar  ˈaɛn/

Simplified Pronunciation: i KHEEEN DIIIN   ned im.LAD.ris NAU.thant e le be.RI.a.thar AEN

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