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The Mountain of Fire

Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Source: The Return of the King Lyrics

Nu dalaf
Úrui tuiannen na ruith
Leithia Orodruin 'oe in phan.
Ristannen i geven,
Danna eliad morn.
Si, na vethed
Meth i naid bain
I wilith úria
I ardhon ban lacha!

Beneath the ground
Swollen hot with anger
Orodruin releases all its ruin.
Earth rips asunder
Black rain falls.
Here at the end;
The end of all things.
The air is aflame,
All the world is on fire!


/nu   ˈda.lav/
/ˈuˑ.ruj   tuj.ˈan.nɛn   na   ˈrujθ/
/ˈlej.θi.a   ɔ.ˈrɔd.rujn   ˈɔɛ   in   ˈfan/
/ris.ˈtan.nɛn   i   ˈgɛ.vɛn/
/ˈ   ˈɛ   ˈmɔrn/
/ˈsi   na   ˈvɛ.θɛd/
/ˈmɛθ   i   ˈnajd   ˈbajn/
/i   ˈwi.liθ   ˈuˑ.ri.a/
/i   ˈar.ðɔn   ˈban   ˈla.xa/

Simplified Pronunciation:

nu DA.lav
UU.rui tui.AN.nen na RUITH
LEI.thi.a o.ROD.ruin OE in FAN
ris.TAN.nen i GE.ven MORN
SE na VE.thed
i WI.lith UU.ri.a
i AR.dhon BAN LA.kha

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