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Recorded Scripts > The Return of the King Lyrics > The Destruction of the Ring

The Destruction of the Ring

Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Source: The Return of the King Lyrics

Mi naurath Orodruin
Boe hedi i Vin.
Han i vangad i moe ben bango.
Sin eriol natha tûr în úgarnen
Sin eriol ûm beleg úgannen
Ú cilith 'war
Ú men 'war
Boe vin mebi
Boe vin bango

Into the fires of Orodruin
The One must be cast.
This [is] the price that must be paid.
Only thus its power will be undone,
Only thus a great evil unmade.
There is no other choice,
There is no other way.
One of you must take it,
One of you must pay.


/mi   ˈnau.raθ   ɔ.ˈrɔd.rujn/
/ˈbɔɛ   ˈhɛ.di   i   ˈvin/
/ˈhan   i   ˈvaŋ.gad   i   ˈmɔɛ   ˈbɛn   ˈbaŋ.gɔ/
/ˈsin   ˈɛ.ri.ɔl   ˈna.θa   ˈtu:r   ˈi:n   uˑ.ˈgar.nɛn/
/ˈsin   ˈɛ.ri.ɔl   ˈu:m   ˈbɛ.lɛg   uˑ.ˈgan.nɛn/
/ˈuˑ   ˈki.liθ   ˈwar/
/ˈbɔɛ   ˈvin   ˈmɛ.bi/
/ˈbɔɛ   ˈvin   ˈbaŋ.gɔ/

Simplified Pronunciation:

mi NAU.rath o.ROD.ruin
HAN i VAÑ.gad i MOE BEN BAÑ.go
SIN E.ri.ol NA.tha TUUR IIIN uu.GAR.nen
SIN E.ri.ol UUUM BE.leg uu.GAN.nen
UU KI.lith WAR

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