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The Way is Shut

Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Spencer Reh

Source: The Return of the King Lyrics

Hollen i ven
In gyrth han agorer
a han beriar in gyrth
Hollen i ven.

The way is shut.
It was made by those who are dead
and the Dead keep it.
The way is shut.


/ˈhɔl.lɛn   i   ˈvɛn/
/iŋ   ˈgurθ   ˈhan   ˈa.gɔ.rɛr/
/a   ˈhan   ˈbɛ   iŋ   ˈgyrθ/
/ˈhɔl.lɛn   i   ˈvɛn/

Simplified Pronunciation:

HOL.len i VEN
iñ GYRTH HAN A.go.rer
a HAN iñ gyrth
HOL/len i VEN

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  1. fzm | |

    Any idea how this would be written in Tengwar?