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Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Cody Leatzow

Source: The Return of the King Lyrics

Ristais dúath
Nerchennin o chuil
Coll am
na 'waewath goeyl

Tellin i Neder
Gurth renia.

Meditha han phan
Meditha ardhon

Shreds of shadow
Torn from life
Borne aloft
By fell winds.

The Nine have come
Death has taken wing.

He will eat it all
Eat all the world.


/ˈris.tajs   ˈduˑ.aθ/
/nɛr.ˈxɛn.nin   ɔ   ˈxujl̡/
/ˈkɔll   am/
/na   ˈwaɛ.waθ   ˈgɔɛ.yl/

/ˈtɛl̡.lin   i   ˈnɛ.dɛr/
/ˈgurθ   ˈrɛ.ni.a/

/ˈmɛ.di.θa   ˈhan   ˈfan/
/ˈmɛ.di.θa   ˈar.ðɔn/

Simplified Pronunciation:

RIS.tais DUU.ath
ner.KHEN.nin o KHUIL
na WAE.wath GOE.yl

TEL.lin i NE.der

ME.di.tha HAN FAN
ME.di.tha AR.dhon

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