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The Last Son

Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Spencer Reh

Source: The Return of the King Lyrics

Boe le henio
E sí câr athad iyn
Ane ah a phen
I ú athelitha.

You must understand.
He does the duty of two sons now.
For himself; and for the one
who will not return.


/ˈbɔɛ   lɛ   ˈhɛ.ni.ɔ/
/ɛ   ˈsiˑ   ˈka:r   ˈa.θad   ˈjyn/
/ˈa.nɛ   a   haf   ˈfɛn/
/i   ˈuˑ   a.ˈθɛ.li.θa/

Simplified Pronunciation:

BOE le
e SII KAAAR A.thad JYN a haf FEN
i UU