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The Retreat from Osgiliath

Language: Sindarin

Voice Actor(s): Fiona Jallings

Source: The Return of the King Lyrics

Revail vyrn dan minuial
ú galad, ú vin anor hen
Cano an dregad
ú natha ored
Gwanwen ost in giliath
Dannen Osgiliath.

Black wings against a pale morning
There is no more light, not in this sun
Call the retreat
There will be no warning
The citadel of the stars is gone
Osgiliath is fallen.


/ˈrɛ.vajl̡   ˈvyrn   dan   mi.ˈ
/ˈuˑ   ˈga.lad   ˈuˑ   vin   ˈa.nɔr   ˈhɛn/
/ˈka.nɔ   an   ˈdrɛ.gad/
/ˈuˑ   ˈna.θa   ˈɔ.rɛd/
/ˈgwan.wɛn   ˈɔst   iŋ   ˈθ/
/ˈdan.nɛn   ɔs.ˈθ/

Simplified Pronunciation:

RE.vail VYRN dan
UU GA.lad UU vin A.nor HEN an DRE.gad
UU NA.tha
GWAN.wen OST iñ

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