Glaer Boromir

Boromir’s Riddle

Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien

Tirio ‘nin grist ristannen:
Mi Imladris i dorthatha;
A bedithar vaerphith1 angin,
Da luith bennin morgul ogol.

Tírathar ennas mach bîn
An amarth fer-delitha lim,
Dagnir Ithildur echuiatha,
ar i berian ethelitha2.

Seek for the Sword that was broken:
In Imladris it dwells;
There shall be counsels taken
Stronger than Morgul-spells.

There shall be shown a token
That Doom is near at hand,
For Isildur’s Bane shall waken,
And the Halfling forth shall stand.


1. Maerphith
Council. “Good, useful” – maer and “words” – pith.
2. Ethol-
Come out. “out” – ed- and “come” tol-

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