Elvish Poetry

Here are some poems I’ve translated into Sindarin. Please don’t post these anywhere else without my permission. If you want to use one of these translations in a song, go ahead! I only ask that you post it online somewhere so I can link to your recording.

A Rodyn, Ídhron gwannad! – O Valar, I want to die!
A Sinda cries out as he dies on the battlefield.
An Ada – To a Dad
An Elven boy sings praises for his father’s safe return.
An Gurth Aranwaith – At Théoden’s Death
By Tolkien.
Athelas – Kingsfoil
By Tolkien.
Glaer Boromir – Boromir’s Riddle
By Tolkien.
I Chiril os Salod – The Lady of Shalott
By Lord Alfred Tennyson.
I ‘Laer Pador – The Riddle of Strider
By Tolkien.
I Lant Gil-galad – The Fall of Gil-Galad
By Tolkien.
I ‘Lîr Puigad – The Bathing Song
By Tolkien.
I Naergon ‘nidh Rohirrim – Lament for the Rohirrim
By Tolkien.
I Naergon Limraedor – The Fisherman’s Lament
A Sindarin song a Gondorian fisherman might sing about the fish that got away.
Ollas Nin o hAuth – I Dreamed of War
In the middle of the night, Elrond is awakened by a terrible vision.
Sui Guil – Such is Life
On a summer afternoon, when the air is so heavy that even the shade offers no protection, an Elf sings a simple Sindarin song about cool things.