Woodelven Sindarin Insults and Unfriendly Phrases

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A list of insults and unfriendly things to say.

English Translation
Fuck off!/Go'on!/Get!/Get the hell away!/Scram! (informal) Ego! View
Not good Alver View
Heartless! Pen-'ur! View
Idiot! Pen-channas! View
Insane! Pen-ind! View
Looking bad Thiol alvain View
I don't love you (informal) *Law gi melin View
I don't care *Law i thraston View
We don't welcome traitors into our forest Avof nathlad 'werth min daur vîn View
I don't like you (informal) Ci *law vêr annin View
You are a dirty orc (informal) Ci orch 'waur View
I banish you from my land Edledhio uin ndôr nîn View
I am disgusted with you (informal) Gi fuion View
I am worried about him/her/it Goston anden View
I am worried about them Goston andin View
I am worried about you (informal) Goston angin View
Your head is empty (informal) I nôl gîn lost View
Your mother looks like a monster (informal) I naneth gîn thia sui úan View
Listen to my laughter Lasto i lalaith nîn View
I will drink your bitter tears (informal) Nidhin soged i nîr hêr gîn View
You betrayed me (informal) Nin gweriantheg View
You are heartless (informal) Penig 'ûr View
Are you heartless? (informal) Penig 'ûr? View
You are stupid (informal) Penig channas View
Are you stupid? (informal) Penig channas? View
You are insane (informal) Penig ind View
Are you insane? (informal) Penig ind? View
I have no hope Penin estel View
You are as tall as a Dwarf (informal) Sevig i *challas naug View
You look like a monster (informal) Thiog sui úan View
You smell like a monster (informal) Thostog sui úan View