Woodelven Sindarin At the Inn, Eating Dinner

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Useful phrases for eating meals together, and sleeping in an inn.

English Translation
I am thirsty Ni faug View
I am tired Ni lôm View
Come and rest Tolo a bosto View
Come, eat, and drink of the feast Tolo, mado, a hogo e-mereth View
He/She had too many cups of drink Uhunc ylf ú-nedui View
___ had too many cups of drink ___ uhunc ylf ú-nedui View
Do you want ___? (informal) Ídhrog ___? View
Do you want ___? (formal) Ídhrol ___? View
I want ___ Ídhron ___ View
meat (and meat) ês (adh ês) View
food (and food) *vant (a *vant) View
a bed (and a bed) chaust (a chaust) View
broth (and broth) halph (a halph) View
juice (and juice) haw (a haw) View
a breadloaf (and a breadloaf) masgorn (a masgorn) View
bread (and bread) mass (a mass) View
water (and water) nên (a nên) View