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Words to say when things don’t go your way!

English Translation
Hi!/Oy!/Hey!/Oh!/Ah! A! View
Hello!/Oy!/Yo!/Agh!/Eek!/Alas! Ai! View
Fuck off!/Go'on!/Get!/Get the hell away!/Scram! (informal) Ego! View
Alas! Nai! View
Evil fate! Amarth fêg! View
Loathing! Delos! View
Insulting! Eithad! View
Horrors! Gorgor! View
Betrayal! Gweriad! View
Ouch! Nêg! View
Wronged! Neithan! View
Lament! Nergon! View
Curses! Rhaich! View
Poison! Sêw! View
Rotten news! Siniath fêg! View
Trouble! Trastad! View
Go! Meno! View