Gondorian Sindarin War Phrases

Useful phrases for recruiting, preparing, doing, winning, and surrendering in war.

English Translation
Will y'all join me in battle? Go-vaethathab ne ndagor? View
Will you join me in battle? Go-vaethathanc ne ndagor? View
Will y'all join me in war? Go-vaethathab ned auth? View
Will you join me in war? Go-vaethathanc ned auth? View
I know your strength in battle (formal) Iston i vellas lîn ne ndagor View
You are a skillful bowman (formal) Le vaethor vaen e-beng View
You are a mighty warrior (formal) Le vaethor veleg View
Do not fail me Avo dheo annin View
War is coming Tôl auth View
Orcs are coming! Telir erc! View
Is there trouble? Trastad? View
We are yours to command (formal) Ve thorthol View
Death to our enemies Gurth 'ni heth 'wîn View
Death to the orcs Gurth 'nin erc View
Our arrows blot out the sun I *philinn 'wîn gwathrar Anor View
My bow shall sing with your sword (formal) I beng nîn linna a vagol lîn View
Our swords cleave our foes' shields I crist 'wîn ristar i thaind i-heth 'wîn View
Our foes flee like darkness from the sun I heth 'wîn dregar o 'wen sui fuin drega o Anor View
Our axes cleave our foes' necks I hethel 'wîn hastar in ehaid i-heth 'wîn View
The bones of our foes gleam under the sun In *aic i-heth 'wîn sílar nu Anor View
Flame light! Flee night! Lacho calad! Drego morn! View
We will defeat them in battle Nidhib di ndaged ne ndagor View
You and I will defeat them in battle Nidhinc di ndaged ne ndagor View
Be ready for battle Savo hûr an dagor View
Are you ready? (informal) Sevig hûr? View
It is a trap *Gadas! View
Don't kill him/her/it Avo nago den View
Don't kill me Avo nago nin View
Kill him/her/it Dago den View
Kill them Dago din View
Kill the troll Dago i dorog View
Kill the enemy Dago i goth View
Kill the enemies Dago i heth View
Kill the Orc Dago i orc View
Kill the trolls Dago i thereg View
Kill the Orcs Dago in erc View
Kill me Dago nin View
Stay and fight Daro a vaetho View
Hide Delio! View
Flee Drego View
Tie him/her/it up Gwedho den View
Tie them up Gwedho din View
Loose Leithio i *philinn View
Draw your swords Maetho i megil dhîn View
Fight to the last man Maetho na lû n'i maethorath dengin View
Be careful No dirweg View
Get ready to shoot! No guin i phing dhîn! View
Run Noro View
Run fast Noro lim View
Charge Northo View
Go around behind them Os-veno adel din View
Do you yield? (informal) *Devig? View
Do you yield? (formal) *Devil? View
I yield *Devin View
Do y'all yield? (formal) *Devidh? View
We yield *Devif View