Exilic Sindarin Exclamations

A list of exclamations/interjections for your convenience.

English Translation
Hi!/Oy!/Hey!/Oh!/Ah! A! View
Hello!/Hey!/Oh!/Ah! Ae! View
Hello!/Oy!/Yo!/Agh!/Eek!/Alas! Ai! View
Behold! Alae! View
Fuck off!/Go'on!/Get!/Get the hell away!/Scram! (informal) Ego! View
Wow! Elo! View
Ha-Ha! La la! View
Alas! Nae! View
We will/consent/agree/are willing Athof View
I will/consent/agree/am willing Athon View
Do it! Caro! View
Good!/Great!/Excellent!/That's right! Ma! View
At last! Na vedui! View
By the sea and the stars! Nan aear ar in elin! View
May it be so! No! View
Now! Sí! View
It cannot be! (say with pursed lips and shake your head) Û! View
It isn't so! *Law! View
Don't do it! Avo garo! View
Don't! (throw head back while saying this) Baw! View
Hurry! Hortho! View
Help! Natho! View
Be silent! No dhínen! View
I'm moved! Pessas nin! View
Look out! Tirio! View