Doriathren Questions

A list of basic questions.

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Sindarin Pronunciation

English Translation
Along with what/who? A man? View
Behind where? Adel van? View
For what purpose? Am man theled? View
For what/who? Am man? View
Beyond where? Atha man? View
Would you please? (formal) Athodh? View
Would you please? (informal) Athog? View
According to who/what? Be van? View
Against who/what? Da man? View
Out of where? E man? View
What time? Lû van? View
What/who/which? Man? View
In where? Mi van? View
At when/where? Na van? View
Which one/thing? Nad van? View
During when? Ne man? View
Under where? Nu van? View
From/About what? O man? View
Over where? Or van? View
Which person? Pen van? View
On where? Po van? View
What place? Sad van? View
Like what? Sui van? View
Across where? Thar van? View
Why not? Am man avon? View
Who did it? Ma den agor? View
What is the purpose? Man i theled? View
What is/was this? Man se? View
What/Who is/was it? Man te? View
May I? Sevin dhâf? View