Vanyarin Phrases In the Bedroom

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*You must be 18 or older to enter* Useful phrases for sex scenes.

English Translation
Oh, ooh, OOH! A, a, á! View
Harder! Faster! Á care ancare! Amalimbe! View
Do it again! Á encare View
Strip. Á helta. View
Find the rope Á hire i nurdá View
Tie me up so that I cannot escape, my little master/mistress (informal) Á nute az lá lertan nore, hérince View
Let's fuck Á pucilwe View
Let's try something new Á ricilwe winya ma View
Let's try something new Á ricingwe winya ma View
Slow down; let me feel it all Á rihta amalencave, aní lave sá-ista aqua View
Let's wed a thousand times on this bed Á vestalwe húmeai lúmí pá caima sinasse View
Let's wed a thousand times on this bed Á vestangwe húmeai lúmí pá caima sinasse View
Oh, the games that Elves play… Á, i tyalie i quendí tyalir… View
Fuck me Ání *puhta View
Lick me Aní lave View
Wield me as you wield a sword (informal) Aní mahta ve mahtat macil View
Kiss me! Aní mique! View
Spank me! Aní pale! View
Bend over for me Ánin luhta View
Fill me! Ánin quanta! View
Lick it Asá lave View
Put it in! Asé mitta! View
Stop asking for permission and do it already! Áva maquete, ‘Ece nin?’ ar á care! View
Don't open the door! I'm naked! Áva panta i fendá! Nán helda! View
Don't stop! Áva pusta! View
I see it's wet for occasion Cendan i nás néna i lúmen View
I see it swells for the occasion Cendan i tiuyas i lúmen View
It is soft and wet inside you (informal) Ea maxa ar néna mitye View
Can I lick it? Ece nin lave sá? View
Can I put it in now? Ece nin mitta sí? View
Can I be on top this time? (informal) Ece nin na pá tyesse? View
May I touch your butt? (informal) Ece nin palta haccatyá? View
Can I fuck you? (informal) Ece nin puhta tyé? View
Can I kiss you? (informal) Ece nin tyé-mique? View
Behold, it flows like a torrent Ela, síras ve nuine View
Ouch! Not in there! Horro! Áva mitta sé tasse! View
You're sexy (informal) Írima nát View
My fingers or my fist? Leperenyar hya quárenya? View
Did you know that you yell during sex? (informal) Ma istat i yamit *puhtasse? View
Where's the lube? Masse i laive ná? View
Where do you think you are putting that? (informal) Masse mittatyes? View
I love it when you use your fingers (informal) Melin yá yuhtat leperetyai View
I want to see your eyes when you cum (informal) Merin cene hendutya yá yamit alassenen View
I want to fuck you (informal) Merin tyé-*puhta View
May this energy last the night! Nai poldasse nauva vórea lóme sina View
You are like honey on my tongue (informal) Nát ve lís lambenyasse View
Top or bottom? Pá hya nu? View
I think the noise upsets the neighbors Savin i asambarelwar lá melir i hlóná View
What a night. Does this mean we're married? Yes. Whoops… Sina lóme mára né. Ma vestaina nángwe? – Náce. – Fó… View
You're in for a long night Sina lóme nauva anda View
I don't understand mortal man's desire to gaze upon lewd images Uan hanya íré fírimoiwa cendien maileai emmai View
When you lie beside me, I am complete (informal) Yá caitat asenye, nán quanta View
Next time, knock. (informal) Yá nanwenit, á palpa. View

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