Gondorian Quenya Phrases At the Inn, Eating Dinner

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Quenya Pronunciation

Useful phrases for eating meals together, and sleeping in an inn.

English Translation
Come, eat, and drink of the feast A tule, mate, ar suce merendesse View
I am thirsty Fauca nán View
I am hungry Maita nán View
She/He had too many cups of drink Sunces yuldar únótime View
___ had too many cups of drink ___ sunce yuldar únótime View
Do you have need ___? (formal) Ma samil maure ___? View
Do you have need ___? (informal) Ma samit maure ___? View
I have need ___ Samin maure ___ View
of cooked meat/cooked food apsava View
of a bed caimava View
of a loaf of bread corneva View
of bread mastava View
of food matsova View
of water nénwa View
of a drink yuldava View
Do you want ___? (formal) Ma meril ___? View
Do you want ___? (informal) Ma merit ___? View
I would like ___ Merin ___ View
meat apsa View
a loaf of bread corne View
to sleep in a bed lore caimasse View
bread masta View
food matso View
water nén View
a drink yulda View

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