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Elvish Poem: I Lant Gil-Galad

The Fall of Gil-galad Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien Gil-galad aran edhellen. I thelegain linnar o then: I âr vedui dôr vain a lain Min eryd ar i aearon. Megil dîn and, ecthel dîn laeg, Thôl hílol dîn palan-dirnen: In gîl ú-enedui menel Tirnin bo thand gelebren dîn.

Elvish Poem: I Naergon Limraedor

The Fisherman’s Lament Tailel danner fain erin gloss iúriel enni. Lebidel pannel an gaded i dhuin rhîw. Caimmen eniver le mabed le chebed dan ethiriassel2. Ben i naergon hen óren nen erui. Your feet fell fair upon the snow as you ran to me. Your fingers, you opened to catch

Friends’ Websites

Here you will find links to friendly websites. Miscellaneous Elbisch Middle-earth Top 10 Name Generator Fun Sindarin Phrases Artist’s Archives Frodo Forever The Golden Wood Blogs Dear Velvet – Alone in Rivendell Tolkien Discussion Group From a Mind of Eternal Chaos Role Play SpanishFakeESDLA The Two Towers LotRO Kinships Children

The Origin of Man

The most common and incorrect assumption about Men is that Men of Arda are just like us. Like the Elves, their appearance and strength is based upon their genealogical past. Like the Elves, they have a beginning that is carefully planned out. Men share weaknesses with us, and some of

Sindarin Sentient Creatures, Tribes, and Nationalities

Here's a list of words for sentient things capable of speech. I've organized them by number. These words are the same in all Sindarin dialects unless otherwise marked: Gondorian Dialect: (G. parentheses) Doriathren Dialect: (D. parentheses) A quick set of definitions of the grammatical terms: Singular One [noun] Plural More

Sindarin Pronunciation

The voice actors were Fiona Jallings (female voice that struggles with R-rolling) and Adam Elliott (male voice brought in to roll R’s). General Dialect Vowels Diphthongs Consonants Where the stress falls Dialects Doriathren Sindarin Woodelven Sindarin Gondorian Sindarin Sindarin has three different writing systems, so the sounds are written with


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