RustyCon is a scifi/fantasy convention that has been running 35 years in the Seattle, Washington area. It from January 12th to the 14th, at the Seattle Airport Marriott hotel and convention center. It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun, so if you’re in the area, stop by and visit me! I love meeting […]

The ink has barely had a chance to dry on the first edition, and I’m already planning the second edition of A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin. I just posted a page called “For the Second Edition” explaining mistakes that I plan on fixing in the next edition of the book, as well as features I’m […]

It may have been “Our Seventh Meeting” for some, but for me, it was the first. So many thoughts and feelings are whirling about in my brain, It’s difficult to put them to words, but I will try, none-the-less. When I started out at 15, I thought I was alone in my love of the […]

Sorry about all of the recent downtime folks, but I think I’ve got it fixed. I moved my whole website to new servers! This new setup should be much, much better, cheaper, and with a lot less downtime. The database of names is fixed up, and the names starting with C have been uploaded! There’s […]

So, after doing battle with the namelists for years, after crashing the database more times than I care to recall, I’ve come to a realization, which led to a decision. I’ve made the namelist databases too complex. So, the way to solve this problem is to make the databases less complex. That does have some […]

I’m doing a series of events and conventions this year, so you may get your chance to drop by and say hello! I’ve made a page dedicated to them here: Events/Conventions The plan for July is: NaguCon and Write Like an Elf See you there!