Woodelven Sindarin Flora Root+Suffix Names

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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

These names are made from a combination of a word or root and a name-suffix.


Snowthorn (species of plant)

EglosselSnowthorn (Female) View
EglosselSnowthorn Girl (Female) View
EglosdesSnowthorn Woman (Female) View
EglossonSnowthorn (Male) View
EglosdirSnowthorn Man (Male) View
EglessilSnowthorn (Female) View
EglossionSon of Snowthorn (Male) View
EglossienDaughter of Snowthorn (Female) View
EglossielDaughter of Snowthorn (Female) View
EglossethSnowthorn (Female) View
EglospenSnowthorn Person (Gender-Neutral) View