Gondorian Sindarin Fauna Compound Names

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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

These names are compound names, made from a combination of two or more words.

BalhamlugCruel DragonView
BaramlugFiery/Eager DragonView
BaranamlugBrown DragonView
BelegamlugGreat/Mighty DragonView
BellamlugStrong DragonView
BornamlugFiery Red DragonView
BraigamlugWild/Fierce DragonView
BrassenamlugWhite-Hot DragonView
BregolamlugViolent/Sudden/Fierce DragonView
BrogamonBear of the MountView
BruiamlugLoud/Noisy DragonView
BrĂșnamlugOld DragonView