Gondorian Sindarin Color Root+Suffix Names

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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

These names are made from a combination of a word or root and a name-suffix.



BaranBrown (Gender-Neutral) View
BaranethBrown One (Female) View
BaranelBrown One (Female) View
BaranilBrown One (Female) View
BaranienDaughter of Brown (Female) View
BaranielDaughter of Brown (Female) View
BarasselBrown Girl (Female) View
BaranwenBrown Maiden (Female) View
BarandesBrown Woman (Female) View
BaranorBrown One (Male) View
BaranionSon of Brown (Male) View
BarandirBrown Man (Male) View
BarambenBrown Person (Gender-Neutral) View

Fiery Red

BornFiery Red (Gender-Neutral) View
BornionSon of Fiery Red (Male) View
BorndesFiery Red Woman (Female) View
BornienDaughter of Fiery Red (Female) View
BornilFiery Red One (Female) View
BornelFiery Red One (Female) View
BorphenFiery Red Person (Gender-Neutral) View
BorndirFiery Red Man (Male) View
BorselFiery Red Girl (Female) View
BornielDaughter of Fiery Red (Female) View
BornethFiery Red One (Female) View