Doriathren Sindarin Weather Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on weather.

LossenelSnowy One (Female)View
LossenethSnowy One (Female)View
LossenielDaughter of Snowy One (Female)View
LossenienDaughter of Snowy One (Female)View
LossenionSon of Snowy One (Male)View
LossenorSnowy One (Male)View
LossephenSnowy Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LossethSnow Woman (Female)View
LossielDaughter of the Snow (Female)View
LossienDaughter of the Snow (Female)View
LossilSnow Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
LossionSon of the Snow (Male)View
LossonSnow Man (Male)View
MídhelDew Girl (Female)View
MídhelDew Woman (Female)View
MídherLover/Friend of the (Gender-Neutral)View
MídhesDew Woman (Female)View
MídhielDaughter of the Dew (Female)View
MídhienDaughter of the Dew (Female)View
MídhilDew Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
MídhilDew Woman (Female)View
MídhionSon of the Dew (Male)View
MídhonDew Man (Male)View
MídhwendDew Maiden (Female)View
MithelWhite Fog/Mist Girl (Female)View
MithelWhite Fog/Mist Woman (Female)View
MithesWhite Fog/Mist Woman (Female)View
MithielDaughter of the White Fog/Mist (Female)View
MithienDaughter of the White Fog/Mist (Female)View
MithilWhite Fog/Mist Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
MithilWhite Fog/Mist Woman (Female)View
MithionSon of the White Fog/Mist (Male)View
MithonWhite Fog/Mist Man (Male)View
MithwendWhite Fog/Mist Maiden (Female)View
NinniachelRainbow Girl (Female)View
NinniachelRainbow Woman (Female)View
NinniachethRainbow Woman (Female)View
NinniachielDaughter of the Rainbow (Female)View
NinniachienDaughter of the Rainbow (Female)View
NinniachilRainbow Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
NinniachionSon of the Rainbow (Male)View
NinniachonRainbow Man (Male)View
NinniachwendRainbow Maiden (Female)View
NinniechilRainbow Woman (Female)View
RessilRain/Spray/Spindrift Woman (Female)View
RestilRainy One (Female)View
RosdirRain/Spray/Spindrift Man (Male)View
RosdisRain/Spray/Spindrift Woman (Female)View
RospenRain/Spray/Spindrift Person (Gender-Neutral)View
RosselRain/Spray/Spindrift Woman (Female)View
RosselRain/Spray/Spindrift Girl (Female)View
RosselRainy Girl (Female)View
RossethRain/Spray/Spindrift Woman (Female)View
RossielDaughter of the Rain/Spray/Spindrift (Female)View
RossienDaughter of the Rain/Spray/Spindrift (Female)View
RossilRain/Spray/Spindrift Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
RossionSon of the Rain/Spray/Spindrift (Male)View
RossonRain/Spray/Spindrift Man (Male)View
RostRainy (Gender-Neutral)View
RostelRainy One (Female)View
RostethRainy One (Female)View
RostielDaughter of Rainy One (Female)View
RostienDaughter of Rainy One (Female)View
RostionSon of Rainy One (Male)View
RostonRainy One (Male)View
SúlchilWind Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
SúldilLover/Friend of the Wind (Gender-Neutral)View
SúldirWind Man (Male)View
SúldisWind Woman (Female)View
SúlelWind Woman (Female)View
SúlethWind Woman (Female)View
SúlhelWind Girl (Female)View
SúlherLover/Friend of the Wind (Gender-Neutral)View
SúlielDaughter of the Wind (Female)View
SúlienDaughter of the Wind (Female)View
SúlilWind Woman (Female)View
SúlionSon of the Wind (Male)View
SúlonWind Man (Male)View
SúlphenWind Person (Gender-Neutral)View
SúlwendWind Maiden (Female)View
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