Doriathren Sindarin Weather Names

Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names based on weather.

HelchienDaughter of Bitter Cold One (Female)View
HelchilBitter Cold One (Female)View
HelchilBitter Cold Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HelchionSon of Bitter Cold One (Male)View
HelchonBitter Cold One (Male)View
HelechelIce Girl (Female)View
HelechilIce Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HelegethIce Woman (Female)View
HelegienDaughter of the Ice (Female)View
HelegionSon of the Ice (Male)View
HelegnisIce Woman (Female)View
HelegwendIce Maiden (Female)View
HethuFoggy/Obscure/Vague (Gender-Neutral)View
HethubenFoggy/Obscure/Vague Person (Gender-Neutral)View
HethuchilFoggy/Obscure/Vague Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HethuhelFoggy/Obscure/Vague Girl (Female)View
HethunirFoggy/Obscure/Vague Man (Male)View
HethunisFoggy/Obscure/Vague Woman (Female)View
HethuonFoggy/Obscure/Vague One (Male)View
HethwelFoggy/Obscure/Vague One (Female)View
HethwendFoggy/Obscure/Vague Maiden (Female)View
HethwesFoggy/Obscure/Vague One (Female)View
HethwielDaughter of Foggy/Obscure/Vague One (Female)View
HethwienDaughter of Foggy/Obscure/Vague One (Female)View
HethwilFoggy/Obscure/Vague One (Female)View
HethwionSon of Foggy/Obscure/Vague One (Male)View
HithaerSea Mist (Gender-Neutral)View
HíthelMist Girl (Female)View
HíthelMist Woman (Female)View
HíthesMist Woman (Female)View
HíthielDaughter of the Mist (Female)View
HíthienDaughter of the Mist (Female)View
HíthilMist Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HíthilMist Woman (Female)View
HíthionSon of the Mist (Male)View
HíthonMist Man (Male)View
HithubenFog Person (Gender-Neutral)View
HithuchilFog Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HithuhelFog Girl (Female)View
HithuiMisty (Gender-Neutral)View
HithuibenMisty Person (Gender-Neutral)View
HithuichilMisty Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HithuielMisty One (Female)View
HithuiesMisty One (Female)View
HithuihelMisty Girl (Female)View
HithuinirMisty Man (Male)View
HithuinisMisty Woman (Female)View
HithuionMisty One (Male)View
HithuiwendMisty Maiden (Female)View
HithunirFog Man (Male)View
HithunisFog Woman (Female)View
HithuonFog Man (Male)View
HithwelFog Woman (Female)View
HithwendMist Maiden (Female)View
HithwendFog Maiden (Female)View
HithwesFog Woman (Female)View
HithwielDaughter of the Fog (Female)View
HithwienDaughter of the Fog (Female)View
HithwilFog Woman (Female)View
HithwionSon of the Fog (Male)View
HwábenBreeze Person (Gender-Neutral)View
HwáchilBreeze Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
HwáhelBreeze Girl (Female)View
HwánirBreeze Man (Male)View
HwánisBreeze Woman (Female)View
HwáwendBreeze Maiden (Female)View
HwesselBreath/Breeze Girl (Female)View
HwestelBreath/Breeze Woman (Female)View
HwestethBreath/Breeze Woman (Female)View
HwestielDaughter of the Breath/Breeze (Female)View
HwestienDaughter of the Breath/Breeze (Female)View
HwestilBreath/Breeze Woman (Female)View
HwestionSon of the Breath/Breeze (Male)View
HwestonBreath/Breeze Man (Male)View
LaerchilSummer Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
LaerdilLover/Friend of the Summer (Gender-Neutral)View
LaerdirSummer Man (Male)View
LaerdisSummer Woman (Female)View
LaerelSummer Woman (Female)View
LaerethSummer Woman (Female)View
LaerhelSummer Girl (Female)View
LaerherLover/Friend of the Summer (Gender-Neutral)View
LaerielDaughter of the Summer (Female)View
LaerienDaughter of the Summer (Female)View
LaerilSummer Woman (Female)View
LaerionSon of the Summer (Male)View
LaeronSummer Man (Male)View
LaerphenSummer Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LaerwendSummer Maiden (Female)View
LessenilSnowy One (Female)View
LessilSnow Woman (Female)View
LosdirSnow Man (Male)View
LosdisSnow Woman (Female)View
LospenSnow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
LossechilSnowy Heir (Gender-Neutral)View
LosselSnow Girl (Female)View
LosselSnow Woman (Female)View
LossenSnowy (Gender-Neutral)View
LossendirSnowy Man (Male)View
LossendisSnowy Woman (Female)View
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