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Sindarin Pronunciation Guide

Names With Suffixes Attached Translation of name Word+-s+use+-d+to+make+name
Agarwen – Bloodstained (agarwen)
Agarweneth Bloodstained One agarwen+-eth
Agarwenien Of the Bloodstained One agarwen+-ien
Agarweniel Daughter of Bloodstained One agarwen+iell
Agarwessel Bloodstained Girl agarwen+sell
Agarweneth Bloodstained Girl agarwen+neth
Agarwendis Bloodstained Bride agarwen+dîs
Agarwendes Bloodstained Maiden agarwen+dess
Agarwenith Bloodstained Sister agarwen+nîth
Agarwenthel Bloodstained Sister agarwen+thêl
Agarwemes Bloodstained Wife agarwen+bess
Agarwenon Bloodstained One agarwen+-on
Agarwenion Son of Bloodstained One agarwen+-ion
Agarwender Bloodstained Bridegroom agarwen+der
Agarwendir Bloodstained Man agarwen+dîr
Agarwemen Bloodstained Husband agarwen+benn
Agarwethor Bloodstained Brother agarwen+tôr
Agarwen Bloodstained agarwen
Go-Agarwen___ Descendant of Bloodstained go-+agarwen
Agarwemben Bloodstained Person agarwen+pen
Agor – Narrow (agor)
Agoreth Narrow One agor+-eth
Agorien Of the Narrow One agor+-ien
Agoriel Daughter of Narrow One +agoriell
Agorhel Narrow Girl agor+sell
Agorwen Narrow Maiden agor+gwen
Agorneth Narrow Girl agor+neth
Agordis Narrow Bride agor+dîs
Agordes Narrow Maiden agor+dess
Agornith Narrow Sister agor+nîth
Agorthel Narrow Sister agor+thêl
Agorves Narrow Wife agor+bess
Agoron Narrow One agor+-on
Agorion Son of Narrow One agor+-ion
Agorder Narrow Bridegroom agor+der
Agordir Narrow Man agor+dîr
Agorven Narrow Husband agor+benn
Agorthor Narrow Brother agor+tôr
Agorchon Narrow Brother agor+hawn
Agor Narrow agor
Go-Agor___ Descendant of Narrow go-+agor
Agorphen Narrow Person agor+pen
Alfirin – Immortal (alfirin)
Alfirineth Immortal One alfirin+-eth
Alfirinien Of the Immortal One alfirin+-ien
Alfiriniel Daughter of Immortal One alfirin+iell
Alfirissel Immortal Girl alfirin+sell
Alfiringwen Immortal Maiden alfirin+gwen
Alfirineth Immortal Girl alfirin+neth
Alfirindis Immortal Bride alfirin+dîs
Alfirindes Immortal Maiden alfirin+dess
Alfirinnith Immortal Sister alfirin+nîth
Alfirinthel Immortal Sister alfirin+thêl
Alfirimes Immortal Wife alfirin+bess
Alfirinon Immortal One alfirin+-on
Alfirinion Son of Immortal One alfirin+-ion
Alfirinder Immortal Bridegroom alfirin+der
Alfirindir Immortal Man alfirin+dîr
Alfirimen Immortal Husband alfirin+benn
Alfirithor Immortal Brother alfirin+tôr
Alfirin Immortal alfirin
Go-Alfirin___ Descendant of Immortal go-+alfirin
Alfirimben Immortal Person alfirin+pen
And – Long (and)
Anneth Long One and+-eth
Annien Of the Long One and+-ien
Anniel Daughter of Long One and+iell
Anhel Long Girl and+sell
Angwen Long Maiden and+gwen
Anneth Long Girl and+neth
Andis Long Bride and+dîs
Andes Long Maiden and+dess
Annith Long Sister and+nîth
Anthel Long Sister and+thêl
Ambes Long Wife and+bess
Annon Long One and+-on
Annion Son of Long One and+-ion
Ander Long Bridegroom and+der
Andir Long Man and+dîr
Amben Long Husband and+benn
Andor Long Brother and+tôr
And Long and
Go-Ann___ Descendant of Long go-+and
Amben Long Person and+pen
Angol – Stench (angol)
Angoleth Stench angol+-eth
Angolien Of the Stench angol+-ien
Angoliel Daughter of Stench angol+iell
Angolhel Stench Girl angol+sell
Angolwen Stench Maiden angol+gwen
Angolneth Stench Girl angol+neth
Angoldis Stench Bride angol+dîs
Angoldes Stench Maiden angol+dess
Angolnith Stench Sister angol+nîth
Angolthel Stench Sister angol+thêl
Angolbes Stench Wife angol+bess
Angolon Stench angol+-on
Angolion Son of Stench angol+-ion
Angolder Stench Bridegroom angol+der
Angoldir Stench Man angol+dîr
Angolben Stench Husband angol+benn
Angoldor Stench Brother angol+tôr
Angolchon Stench Brother angol+hawn
Angol Stench angol
Go-Angol___ Descendant of Stench go-+angol
Angolben Stench Person angol+pen
Anu – Masculine (anu)
Anweth Masculine One anu+-eth
Anwien Of the Masculine One anu+-ien
Anwiel Daughter of Masculine One anu+iell
Anuhel Masculine Girl anu+sell
Anwen Masculine Maiden anu+gwen
Anuneth Masculine Girl anu+neth
Anunis Masculine Bride anu+dîs
Anunes Masculine Maiden anu+dess
Anunith Masculine Sister anu+nîth
Anuthel Masculine Sister anu+thêl
Anuves Masculine Wife anu+bess
Anu Masculine anu
Go-Anu___ Descendant of Masculine go-+anu
Anuben Masculine Person anu+pen
Auth – Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition (auth)
Othien Of the Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition auth+-ien
Othiel Daughter of Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition auth+iell
Othel Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition Girl auth+sell
Othwen Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition Maiden auth+gwen
Othel Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition Sister auth+thêl
Othon Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition auth+-on
Othion Son of Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition auth+-ion
Othon Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition Brother auth+hawn
Othanar Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition Brother auth+hanar
Auth Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition auth
Go-Oth___ Descendant of Dim Shape/Spectral/Apparition go-+auth
Bain – Fair (bain)
Baineth Beautiful One bain+-eth
Bainien Beautiful One bain+-ien
Bainiel Daughter of Beautiful One bain+-iel
Baissel Beautiful Girl bain+sell
Baingwen Beautiful Maiden bain+gwen
Baineth Beautiful Girl bain+neth
Baindis Beautiful Bride bain+dîs
Baindes Beautiful Woman bain+dess
Bainith Beautiful Sister bain+nîth
Bainthel Beautiful Sister bain+thêl
Baimes Beautiful Wife bain+bess
Bainon Handsome One bain+-on
Bainion Son of Handsome One bain+-ion
Bainder Handsome Bridegroom bain+der
Baindir Handsome Man bain+dîr
Baimen Handsome Husband bain+benn
Baithor Handsome Brother bain+tôr
Bain Fair bain
Go-Vain___ Descendant of Fair go-+bain
Baimben Fair Person bain+pen
Bainthaur – Beautiful and Foul/Mary Sue/Marty Stu (bain+thaur)
Bainthaureth Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue bain+thaur+-eth
Bainthaurien Of the Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue bain+thaur+-ien
Bainthauriel Daughter of Beautiful and Foul One/Mary Sue bain+thaur+iell
Bainthaurhel Beautiful and Foul Girl/Mary Sue bain+thaur+sell
Bainthaurwen Beautiful and Foul Maiden/Mary Sue bain+thaur+gwen
Bainthaurneth Beautiful and Foul Girl/Mary Sue bain+thaur+neth
Bainthaurdis Beautiful and Foul Bride/Mary Sue bain+thaur+dîs
Bainthaurdes Beautiful and Foul Maiden/Mary Sue bain+thaur+dess
Bainthaurnith Beautiful and Foul Sister/Mary Sue bain+thaur+nîth
Bainthaurthel Beautiful and Foul Sister/Mary Sue bain+thaur+thêl
Bainthaurves Beautiful and Foul Wife/Mary Sue bain+thaur+bess
Bainthauron Beautiful and Foul One/Marty Stu bain+thaur+-on
Bainthaurion Son of Beautiful and Foul One/Marty Stu bain+thaur+-ion
Bainthaurder Beautiful and Foul Bridegroom/Marty Stu bain+thaur+der
Bainthaurdir Beautiful and Foul Man/Marty Stu bain+thaur+dîr
Bainthaurven Beautiful and Foul Husband/Marty Stu bain+thaur+benn
Bainthaurdor Beautiful and Foul Brother/Marty Stu bain+thaur+tôr
Bainthaurchon Beautiful and Foul Brother/Marty Stu bain+thaur+hawn
Bainthaurchanar Beautiful and Foul Brother/Marty Stu bain+thaur+hanar
Bainthaur Beautiful and Foul bain+thaur
Go-Vainthaur___ Descendant of Beautiful and Foul go-+bain+thaur
Bainthaurphen Beautiful and Foul Person bain+thaur+pen
Ballin – Divine/Powerful Gleam in the Eyes (bal-+glîn)
Ballineth Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+-eth
Ballinien Of the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+-ien
Balliniel Daughter of Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+iell
Ballissel Girl With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+sell
Ballingwen Maiden With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+gwen
Ballinneth Girl With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+neth
Ballindis Bride With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+dîs
Ballindes Maiden With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+dess
Ballinnith Sister With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+nîth
Ballinthel Sister With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+thêl
Ballimes Wife With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in Her Eyes bal-+glîn+bess
Ballinon Divine/Powerful Gleam in His Eyes bal-+glîn+-on
Ballinion Son of Divine/Powerful Gleam in His Eyes bal-+glîn+-ion
Ballinder Bridegroom With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in His Eyes bal-+glîn+der
Ballindir Man With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in His Eyes bal-+glîn+dîr
Ballimen Husband With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in His Eyes bal-+glîn+benn
Ballithor Brother With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in His Eyes bal-+glîn+tôr
Ballin Divine/Powerful Gleam in their Eyes bal-+glîn
Go-Vallin___ Descendant of Divine/Powerful Gleam in their Eyes go-+bal-+glîn
Ballimben Person With the Divine/Powerful Gleam in their Eyes bal-+glîn+pen
Baralin – Fiery Gleam in the Eyes (bara+glîn)
Baralineth Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+-eth
Baralinien Of the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+-ien
Baraliniel Daughter of Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+iell
Baralissel Girl With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+sell
Baralingwen Maiden With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+gwen
Baralinneth Girl With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+neth
Baralindis Bride With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+dîs
Baralindes Maiden With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+dess
Baralinnith Sister With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+nîth
Baralinthel Sister With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+thêl
Baralimes Wife With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+bess
Baralinon Fiery Gleam in His Eyes bara+glîn+-on
Baralinion Son of Fiery Gleam in His Eyes bara+glîn+-ion
Baralinder Bridegroom With the Fiery Gleam in Her Eyes bara+glîn+der
Baralindir Man With the Fiery Gleam in His Eyes bara+glîn+dîr
Baralimen Husband With the Fiery Gleam in His Eyes bara+glîn+benn
Baralithor Brother With the Fiery Gleam in His Eyes bara+glîn+tôr
Baralin Fiery Gleam in Their Eyes bara+glîn
Go-Varalin___ Descendant of Fiery Gleam in Their Eyes go-+bara+glîn
Baralimben Person With the Fiery Gleam in Their Eyes bara+glîn+pen
Bel – Strong (bel)
Beleth Strong One belt+-eth
Belien Strong One belt+-ien
Beliel Daughter of Strong One belt+-iel
Belwen Strong Maiden belt+gwen
Belneth Strong Girl belt+neth
Beldis Strong Bride belt+dîs
Beldes Strong Woman belt+dess
Belnith Strong Sister belt+nîth
Belbes Strong Wife belt+bess
Belon Strong One bel+-on
Belion Son of Strong One bel+-ion
Belder Strong Bridegroom bel+der
Beldir Strong Man bel+dîr
Belven Strong Husband bel+benn
Beldor Strong Brother bel+tôr
Belchon Strong Brother bel+hawn
Belchanar Strong Brother bel+hanar
Bel Strong bel
Go-Vel___ Descendant of Strong go-+bel
Belben Strong Person bel+pen
Beleg – Strong (beleg)
Belegeth Strong One beleg+-eth
Belegien Of the Strong One beleg+-ien
Belegiel Daughter of Strong One beleg+iell
Belegwen Strong Maiden beleg+gwen
Belegneth Strong Girl beleg+neth
Belegnis Strong Bride beleg+dîs
Belegnes Strong Maiden beleg+dess
Belegnith Strong Sister beleg+nîth
Belecthel Strong Sister beleg+thêl
Belegon Strong One beleg+-on
Belegion Son of Strong One beleg+-ion
Belegner Strong Bridegroom beleg+der
Belegnir Strong Man beleg+dîr
Belechon Strong Brother beleg+hawn
Beleg Strong beleg
Go-Veleg___ Descendant of Strong go-+beleg
Bornif – Fiery Red Face (born+nîf)
Borniveth Fiery Red Faced One born+nîf+-eth
Bornivien Fiery Red Faced born+nîf+-ien
Borniviel Daughter of Fiery Red Faced One born+nîf+iell
Bornives Fiery Red Faced Wife born+nîf+bess
Bornivon Fiery Red Faced One born+nîf+-on
Bornivion Son of Fiery Red Faced One born+nîf+iôn
Borniven Fiery Red Faced Husband born+nîf+ben
Bornif Fiery Red Face born+nîf
Go-Vorniv___ Descendant of Fiery Red Face go-+born+nîf
Borniphen Fiery Red Faced Person born+nîf+pen
Brass – White Heat (brass)
Brasseth White Heat brass+-eth
Brassien Of White Heat brass+-ien
Brassiel Daughter of White Heat brass+iell
Brassel White Heat Girl brass+sell
Brassengwen White-Hot Maiden brassen+gwen
Brasseneth White-Hot Girl brassen+neth
Brassendis White-Hot Bride brassen+dîs
Brassendes White-Hot Maiden brassen+dess
Brassenith White-Hot Sister brassen+nîth
Brassethel White-Hot Sister brassen+thêl
Brassemes White-Hot Wife brassen+bess
Brasson White Heat brass+-on
Brassion Son of White Heat brass+-ion
Brassender White-Hot Bridegroom brassen+der
Brassendir White-Hot Man brassen+dîr
Brassemen White-Hot Husband brassen+benn
Brastor White Heat Brother brass+tôr
Bras White Heat brass
Go-Vrass___ Descendant of White Heat go-+brass
Braspen White Hot Person brass+pen
Brui – Loud/Noisy (brui)
Bruihel Loud/Noisy Girl brui+sell
Bruiwen Loud/Noisy Maiden brui+gwen
Bruineth Loud/Noisy Girl brui+neth
Bruinis Loud/Noisy Bride brui+dîs
Bruines Loud/Noisy Maiden brui+dess
Bruinith Loud/Noisy Sister brui+nîth
Bruithel Loud/Noisy Sister brui+thêl
Bruives Loud/Noisy Wife brui+bess
Bruiner Loud/Noisy Bridegroom brui+der
Bruinir Loud/Noisy Man brui+dîr
Bruiven Loud/Noisy Husband brui+benn
Bruidor Loud/Noisy Brother brui+tôr
Bruichon Loud/Noisy Brother brui+hawn
Bruichanar Loud/Noisy Brother brui+hanar
Brui Loud/Noisy brui
Go-Vrui___ Descendant of Loud/Noisy go-+brui
Bruiben Loud/Noisy Person brui+pen
Brûn – Old (brûn)
Brúneth Old One brûn+-eth
Brúnien Of the Old One brûn+-ien
Brúniel Daughter of Old One brûn+iell
Brúngwen Old Maiden brûn+gwen
Brúnith Old Sister brûn+nîth
Brúnthel Old Sister brûn+thêl
Brúmes Old Wife brûn+bess
Brúnon Old One brûn+-on
Brúnion Son of Old One brûn+-ion
Brúnder Old Bridegroom brûn+der
Brúndir Old Man brûn+dîr
Brúmen Old Husband brûn+benn
Brúthor Old Brother brûn+tôr
Brûn Old brûn
Go-Vrún___ Descendant of Old go-+brûn
Brúmben Old Person brûn+pen
Cadu – Shaped/Formed (cadu)
Cadweth Shaped/Formed One cadu+-eth
Caduhel Shaped/Formed Girl cadu+sell
Cadwen Shaped/Formed Maiden cadu+gwen
Caduneth Shaped/Formed Girl cadu+neth
Cadunis Shaped/Formed Bride cadu+dîs
Cadunes Shaped/Formed Maiden cadu+dess
Cadunith Shaped/Formed Sister cadu+nîth
Caduthel Shaped/Formed Sister cadu+thêl
Caduves Shaped/Formed Wife cadu+bess
Cadwon Shaped/Formed One cadu+-on
Caduner Shaped/Formed Bridegroom cadu+der
Cadunir Shaped/Formed Man cadu+dîr
Caduven Shaped/Formed Husband cadu+benn
Cadudor Shaped/Formed Brother cadu+tôr
Caduchon Shaped/Formed Brother cadu+hawn
Cadu Shaped/Formed cadu
Go-Gadu___ Descendant of Shaped/Formed go-+cadu
Caduben Shaped/Formed Person cadu+pen
Cadwor – Shapely (cadwor)
Cadworeth Shapely One cadwor+-eth
Cadworien Of the Shapely One cadwor+-ien
Cadworiel Daughter of Shapely One cadwor+iell
Cadworhel Shapely Girl cadwor+sell
Cadworwen Shapely Maiden cadwor+gwen
Cadworneth Shapely Girl cadwor+neth
Cadwordis Shapely Bride cadwor+dîs
Cadwordes Shapely Maiden cadwor+dess
Cadwornith Shapely Sister cadwor+nîth
Cadworthel Shapely Sister cadwor+thêl
Cadworves Shapely Wife cadwor+bess
Cadworon Shapely One cadwor+-on
Cadworion Son of Shapely One cadwor+-ion
Cadworder Shapely Bridegroom cadwor+der
Cadwordir Shapely Man cadwor+dîr
Cadworben Shapely Husband cadwor+benn
Cadwordor Shapely Brother cadwor+tôr
Cadworchon Shapely Brother cadwor+hawn
Cadwor Shapely cadwor
Go-Gadwor___ Descendant of Shapely go-+cadwor
Cadworphen Shapely Person cadwor+pen
Caun – Bow-shaped/Bent (caun)
Coneth Bow-shaped/Bent One caun+-eth
Conien Of the Bow-shaped/Bent One caun+-ien
Coniel Daughter of Bow-shaped/Bent One caun+iell
Cossel Bow-shaped/Bent Girl caun+sell
Congwen Bow-shaped/Bent Maiden caun+gwen
Coneth Bow-shaped/Bent Girl caun+neth
Condis Bow-shaped/Bent Bride caun+dîs
Condes Bow-shaped/Bent Maiden caun+dess
Conith Bow-shaped/Bent Sister caun+nîth
Conthel Bow-shaped/Bent Sister caun+thêl
Comes Bow-shaped/Bent Wife caun+bess
Conon Bow-shaped/Bent One caun+-on
Conion Son of Bow-shaped/Bent One caun+-ion
Conder Bow-shaped/Bent Bridegroom caun+der
Condir Bow-shaped/Bent Man caun+dîr
Comen Bow-shaped/Bent Husband caun+benn
Cothor Bow-shaped/Bent Brother caun+tôr
Caun Bow-shaped/Bent caun
Go-Gon___ Descendant of Bow-shaped/Bent go-+caun
Comben Bow-shaped/Bent Person caun+pen
Cel – Sickness (cel)
Celeth Sickness cel+-eth
Celien Of Sickness cel+-ien
Celiel Daughter of Sickness cel+iell
Celhel Sickness Girl cel+sell
Celwen Sickness Maiden cel+gwen
Celneth Sickness Girl cel+neth
Celdis Sickness Bride cel+dîs
Celdes Sickness Maiden cel+dess
Celnith Sickness Sister cel+nîth
Celthel Sickness Sister cel+thêl
Celves Sickness Wife cel+bess
Celon Sickness cel+-on
Celion Son of Sickness cel+-ion
Celder Sickness Bridegroom cel+der
Celdir Sickness Man cel+dîr
Celven Sickness Husband cel+benn
Celdor Sickness Brother cel+tôr
Celchon Sickness Brother cel+hawn
Celchanar Sickness Brother cel+hanar
Cel Sickness cel
Go-Gel___ Descendant of Sickness go-+cel
Celben Sickness Person cel+pen
Celeb – Bedridden/Sick (celeb)
Celebeth Bedridden/Sick One celeb+-eth
Celebien Of the Bedridden/Sick One celeb+-ien
Celebiel Daughter of Bedridden/Sick One celeb+iell
Celebes Bedridden/Sick Wife celeb+bess
Celebon Bedridden/Sick One celeb+-on
Celebion Son of Bedridden/Sick One celeb+-ion
Celeben Bedridden/Sick Husband celeb+benn
Celeb Bedridden/Sick celeb
Go-Geleb___ Descendant of Bedridden/Sick go-+celeb
Celeben Bedridden/Sick Person celeb+pen
Celeg – Swift/Agile/Hasty (celeg)
Celegeth Swift/Agile/Hasty One celeg+-eth
Celegien Of the Swift/Agile/Hasty One celeg+-ien
Celegiel Daughter of Swift/Agile/Hasty One celeg+iell
Celegwen Swift/Agile/Hasty Maiden celeg+gwen
Celegneth Swift/Agile/Hasty Girl celeg+neth
Celegnis Swift/Agile/Hasty Bride celeg+dîs
Celegnes Swift/Agile/Hasty Maiden celeg+dess
Celegnith Swift/Agile/Hasty Sister celeg+nîth
Celecthel Swift/Agile/Hasty Sister celeg+thêl
Celegon Swift/Agile/Hasty One celeg+-on
Celegion Son of Swift/Agile/Hasty One celeg+-ion
Celegner Swift/Agile/Hasty Bridegroom celeg+der
Celegnir Swift/Agile/Hasty Man celeg+dîr
Celechon Swift/Agile/Hasty Brother celeg+hawn
Celechanar Swift/Agile/Hasty Brother celeg+hanar
Celeg Swift/Agile/Hasty celeg
Go-Geleg___ Descendant of Swift/Agile/Hasty go-+celeg
Cîw – Fresh/New (cîw)
Cíweth Fresh/New One cîw+-eth
Cíwien Of the Fresh/New One cîw+-ien
Cíwiel Daughter of Fresh/New One cîw+iell
Cíwen Fresh/New Maiden cîw+gwen
Cíwon Fresh/New One cîw+-on
Cíwion Son of Fresh/New One cîw+-ion
Cîw Fresh/New cîw
Go-Gíw___ Descendant of Fresh/New go-+cîw
Colfind – Gold Haired (côl+find)
Colfinneth Gold Haired One côl+find+-eth
Colfinnien Of the Gold Haired One côl+find+-ien
Colfinniel Daughter of Gold Haired One côl+find+iell
Colfinhel Gold Haired Girl côl+find+sell
Colfingwen Gold Haired Maiden côl+find+gwen
Colfinneth Gold Haired Girl côl+find+neth
Colfindis Gold Haired Bride côl+find+dîs
Colfindes Gold Haired Maiden côl+find+dess
Colfinnith Gold Haired Sister côl+find+nîth
Colfinthel Gold Haired Sister côl+find+thêl
Colfimbes Gold Haired Wife côl+find+bess
Colfinnon Gold Haired One côl+finn-+-on
Colfinnion Son of Gold Haired One côl+finn-+iôn
Colfinder Gold Haired Bridegroom côl+finn-+der
Colfindir Gold Haired Man côl+finn-+dîr
Colfimben Gold Haired Husband côl+finn-+benn
Colfindor Gold Haired Brother côl+finn-+tôr
Colfind Gold Haired côl+find
Go-Golfinn___ Descendant of Gold Haired go-+côl+find
Colfimben Gold Haired Person côl+find+pen
Dair – Great (dair)
Daireth Great One dair+-eth
Dairien Of the Great One dair+-ien
Dairiel Daughter of Great One dair+iell
Dairhel Great Girl dair+sell
Dairwen Great Maiden dair+gwen
Dairneth Great Girl dair+neth
Dairdis Great Bride dair+dîs
Dairdes Great Maiden dair+dess
Dairnith Great Sister dair+nîth
Dairthel Great Sister dair+thêl
Dairbes Great Wife dair+bess
Dairon Great One dair+-on
Dairion Son of Great One dair+-ion
Dairven Great Husband dair+benn
Dairthor Great Brother dair+tôr
Dairchon Great Brother dair+hawn
Dairchanar Great Brother dair+hanar
Dair Great dair
Go-Dhair___ Descendant of Great go-+dair
Dairphen Great Person dair+pen
Dínen – Silent (dínen)
Dineneth Silent One dínen+-eth
Dinenien Silent One dínen+-ien
Dineniel Daughter of Silent One dínen+iell
Dinessel Silent Girl dínen+sell
Dinengwen Silent Maiden dínen+gwen
Dineneth Silent Girl dínen+neth
Dinendis Silent Bride dínen+dîs
Dinendes Silent Woman dínen+dess
Dinenith Silent Sister dínen+nîth
Dinenthel Silent Sister dínen+thêl
Dinemes Silent Wife dínen+bess
Dinenon Silent One dínen+-on
Dinenion Son of Silent One dínen+iôn
Dinender Silent Bridegroom dínen+der
Dinendir Silent Man dínen+dîr
Dinemen Silent Husband dínen+benn
Dinethor Silent Brother dínen+tôr
Dínen Silent dínen
Go-Dhinen___ Descendant of Silent go-+dínen
Dinemben Silent Person dínen+pen
Eden – New (eden)
Edeneth New One eden+-eth
Edenien Of the New One eden+-ien
Edeniel Daughter of New One eden+iell
Edessel New Girl eden+sell
Edengwen New Maiden eden+gwen
Edeneth New Girl eden+neth
Edendis New Bride eden+dîs
Edendes New Maiden eden+dess
Edenith New Sister eden+nîth
Edenthel New Sister eden+thêl
Edemes New Wife eden+bess
Edenon New One eden+-on
Edenion Son of New One eden+-ion
Edender New Bridegroom eden+der
Edendir New Man eden+dîr
Edemen New Husband eden+benn
Edethor New Brother eden+tôr
Eden New eden
Go-Eden___ Descendant of New go-+eden
Edemben New Person eden+pen
Esgal – Screen/Veil (esgal)
Esgaleth Screen/Veil One esgal+-eth
Esgalien of the Screen/Veil esgal+-ien
Esgaliel Daughter of Screen/Veil esgal+iell
Esgalhel Screen/Veil Girl esgal+sell
Esgalwen Screen/Veil Maiden esgal+gwen
Esgalneth Screen/Veil Girl esgal+neth
Esgaldis Screen/Veil Bride esgal+dîs
Esgaldes Screen/Veil Woman esgal+dess
Esgalnith Screen/Veil Sister esgal+nîth
Esgalthel Screen/Veil Sister esgal+thêl
Esgalbes Screen/Veil Wife esgal+bess
Esgalon Screen/Veil esgal+-on
Esgalion Son of Screen/Veil esgal+-ion
Esgalder Screen/Veil Bridegroom esgal+der
Esgaldir Screen/Veil Man esgal+dîr
Esgalben Screen/Veil Husband esgal+ben
Esgaldor Screen/Veil Brother esgal+tôr
Esgalchon Screen/Veil Brother esgal+hawn
Esgal Screen/Veil esgal
Go-Esgal___ Descendant of Screen/Veil go-+esgal
Esgalben Screen/Veil Person esgal+pen
Esgar – Wound (esgar)
Esgareth Wound esgar+-eth
Esgarien Of the Wound esgar+-ien
Esgariel Daughter of Wound esgar+iell
Esgarhel Wound Girl esgar+sell
Esgarwen Wound Maiden esgar+gwen
Esgarneth Wound Girl esgar+neth
Esgardis Wound Bride esgar+dîs
Esgardes Wound Maiden esgar+dess
Esgarnith Wound Sister esgar+nîth
Esgarthel Wound Sister esgar+thêl
Esgarbes Wound Wife esgar+bess
Esgaron Wound esgar+-on
Esgarion Son of Wound esgar+-ion
Esgarder Wound Bridegroom esgar+der
Esgardir Wound Man esgar+dîr
Esgarben Wound Husband esgar+benn
Esgardor Wound Brother esgar+tôr
Esgarchon Wound Brother esgar+hawn
Esgar Wound esgar
Go-Esgar___ Descendant of Wound go-esgar+
Esgarphen Wound Person esgar+pen
Estent – Short (estent)
Estenneth Short One estent+-eth
Estennien Of the Short One estent+-ien
Estenniel Daughter of Short One estent+iell
Estenthel Short Girl estent+sell
Estengwen Short Maiden estent+gwen
Estenneth Short Girl estent+neth
Estendis Short Bride estent+dîs
Estendes Short Maiden estent+dess
Estennith Short Sister estent+nîth
Estembes Short Wife estent+bess
Estennon Short One estent+-on
Estennion Son of Short One estent+-ion
Estender Short Bridegroom estent+der
Estendir Short Man estent+dîr
Estemben Short Husband estent+benn
Estendor Short Brother estent+tôr
Estent Short estent
Go-Estent___ Descendant of Short go-+estent
Estemben Short Person estent+pen
Fân – Veil/White Cloud (fân)
Faneth Veil/White Cloud fân+-eth
Fanien Of the Veil/White Cloud fân+-ien
Faniel Daughter of Veil/White Cloud fân+iell
Fassel Veil/White Cloud Girl fân+sell
Fangwen Veil/White Cloud Maiden fân+gwen
Faneth Veil/White Cloud Girl fân+neth
Fandis Veil/White Cloud Bride fân+dîs
Fandes Veil/White Cloud Maiden fân+dess
Fanith Veil/White Cloud Sister fân+nîth
Fanthel Veil/White Cloud Sister fân+thêl
Fames Veil/White Cloud Wife fân+bess
Fanon Veil/White Cloud fân+-on
Fanion Son of Veil/White Cloud fân+-ion
Fander Veil/White Cloud Bridegroom fân+der
Fandir Veil/White Cloud Man fân+dîr
Famen Veil/White Cloud Husband fân+benn
Fathor Veil/White Cloud Brother fân+tôr
Fân Veil/White Cloud fân
Go-Fan___ Descendant of Veil/White Cloud go-+fân
Famben Veil/White Cloud Person fân+pen
Fang – Beard (fang)
Fangon Beard fang+-on
Fangion Son of Beard fang+-ion
Fang Beard fang
Go-Fang___ Descendant of Beard go-+fang
Fast – Shaggy Hair (fast)
Fasteth Shaggy Hair fast+-eth
Fastien Of the Shaggy Hair fast+-ien
Fastiel Daughter of Shaggy Hair fast+iell
Fassel Shaggy Hair Girl fast+sell
Faston Shaggy Hair fast+-on
Fastion Son of Shaggy Hair fast+-ion
Fastor Shaggy Hair Brother fast+tôr
Fast Shaggy Hair fast
Go-Fast___ Descendant of Shaggy Hair go-+fast
Faug – Thirsty (faug)
Fogeth Thirsty One faug+-eth
Fogien Of the Thirsty One faug+-ien
Fogiel Daughter of Thirsty One faug+iell
Fogwen Thirsty Maiden faug+gwen
Fogneth Thirsty Girl faug+neth
Fognis Thirsty Bride faug+dîs
Fognes Thirsty Maiden faug+dess
Fognith Thirsty Sister faug+nîth
Focthel Thirsty Sister faug+thêl
Fogon Thirsty One faug+-on
Fogion Son of Thirsty One faug+-ion
Fogner Thirsty Bridegroom faug+der
Fognir Thirsty Man faug+dîr
Fochon Thirsty Brother faug+hawn
Fochanar Thirsty Brother faug+hanar
Faug Thirsty faug
Go-Fog___ Descendant of Thirsty go-+faug
Fim – Slender (fim)
Fimeth Slender One fim+-eth
Fimien Slender One fim+-ien
Fimiel Daughter of Slender One fim+-iel
Fimhel Slender Girl fim+sell
Fimdis Slender Bride fim+dîs
Fimdes Slender Woman fim+dess
Fimbes Slender Wife fim+bess
Fimon Slender One fim+-on
Fimion Son of Slender One fim+-ion
Fimder Slender Bridegroom fim+der
Fimdir Slender Man fim+dîr
Fimben Slender Husband fim+benn
Fimdor Slender Brother fim+tôr
Fim Slender fim
Go-Fim___ Descendant of Slender go-+fim
Fimben Slender Person fim+pen
Gamp – Hook/Claw (gamp)
Gammeth Hook/Claw gamp+-eth
Gammien Of the Hook/Claw gamp+-ien
Gammiel Daughter of Hook/Claw gamp+iell
Gamhel Hook/Claw Girl gamp+sell
Gamdis Hook/Claw Bride gamp+dîs
Gamdes Hook/Claw Maiden gamp+dess
Gambes Hook/Claw Wife gamp+bess
Gammon Hook/Claw gamp+-on
Gammion Son of Hook/Claw gamp+-ion
Gamder Hook/Claw Bridegroom gamp+der
Gamdir Hook/Claw Man gamp+dîr
Gamben Hook/Claw Husband gamp+benn
Gamdor Hook/Claw Brother gamp+tôr
Gamp Hook/Claw gamp
Go-‘Amm___ Descendant of Hook/Claw go-+gamp
Gamben Hook/Claw Person gamp+pen
Gem – Sickly (gem)
Gemeth Sickly One gem+-eth
Gemien Of the Sickly One gem+-ien
Gemiel Daughter of Sickly One gem+iell
Gemhel Sickly Girl gem+sell
Gemdis Sickly Bride gem+dîs
Gemdes Sickly Maiden gem+dess
Gembes Sickly Wife gem+bess
Gemon Sickly One gem+-on
Gemion Son of Sickly One gem+-ion
Gemder Sickly Bridegroom gem+der
Gemdir Sickly Man gem+dîr
Gemben Sickly Husband gem+benn
Gemdor Sickly Brother gem+tôr
Gem Sickly gem
Go-‘Em___ Descendant of Sickly go-+gem
Gemben Sickly Person gem+pen
Gern – Old/Decripit (gern)
Gerneth Old/Decripit One gern+-eth
Gernien Of the Old/Decripit One gern+-ien
Gerniel Daughter of Old/Decripit One gern+iell
Gernith Old/Decripit Sister gern+nîth
Germes Old/Decripit Wife gern+bess
Gernon Old/Decripit One gern+-on
Gernion Son of Old/Decripit One gern+-ion
Germen Old/Decripit Husband gern+benn
Gerthor Old/Decripit Brother gern+tôr
Gern Old/Decripit gern
Go-‘Ern___ Descendant of Old/Decripit go-+gern
Gerphen Old/Decripit Person gern+pen
Glîn – Gleam/Glint [in ones eyes] (glîn)
Glineth Gleam/Glint glîn+-eth
Glinien Of the Gleam/Glint glîn+-ien
Gliniel Daughter of Gleam/Glint glîn+iell
Glissel Gleam/Glint Girl glîn+sell
Glingwen Gleam/Glint Maiden glîn+gwen
Glineth Gleam/Glint Girl glîn+neth
Glindis Gleam/Glint Bride glîn+dîs
Glindes Gleam/Glint Maiden glîn+dess
Glinith Gleam/Glint Sister glîn+nîth
Glinthel Gleam/Glint Sister glîn+thêl
Glimes Gleam/Glint Wife glîn+bess
Glinon Gleam/Glint One glîn+-on
Glinion Son of Gleam/Glint One glîn+-ion
Glinder Gleam/Glint Bridegroom glîn+der
Glindir Gleam/Glint Man glîn+dîr
Glimen Gleam/Glint Husband glîn+benn
Glithor Gleam/Glint Brother glîn+tôr
Glîn Gleam/Glint glîn
Go-‘Lin___ Descendant of Gleam/Glint go-+glîn
Glimben Gleam/Glint Person glîn+pen
Gôd – Filth (gôd)
Godeth Filth gôd+-eth
Godien Of the Filth gôd+-ien
Godiel Daughter of Filth gôd+iell
Gossel Filth Girl gôd+sell
Godwen Filth Maiden gôd+gwen
Godis Filth Bride gôd+dîs
Godes Filth Maiden gôd+dess
Godon Filth gôd+-on
Godion Son of Filth gôd+-ion
Goder Filth Bridegroom gôd+der
Godir Filth Man gôd+dîr
Godor Filth Brother gôd+tôr
Gôd Filth gôd
Go-‘Od___ Descendant of Filth go-+gôd
Gôr – Soiled/Dirty (gôr)
Goreth Soiled/Dirty One gôr+-eth
Gorien Of the Soiled/Dirty One gôr+-ien
Goriel Daughter of Soiled/Dirty One gôr+iell
Gorhel Soiled/Dirty Girl gôr+sell
Gorwen Soiled/Dirty Maiden gôr+gwen
Gorneth Soiled/Dirty Girl gôr+neth
Gordis Soiled/Dirty Bride gôr+dîs
Gordes Soiled/Dirty Maiden gôr+dess
Gornith Soiled/Dirty Sister gôr+nîth
Gorthel Soiled/Dirty Sister gôr+thêl
Gorbes Soiled/Dirty Wife gôr+bess
Goron Soiled/Dirty One gôr+-on
Gorion Son of Soiled/Dirty One gôr+-ion
Gorder Soiled/Dirty Bridegroom gôr+der
Gordir Soiled/Dirty Man gôr+dîr
Gorben Soiled/Dirty Husband gôr+benn
Gorchon Soiled/Dirty Brother gôr+hawn
Gorchanar Soiled/Dirty Brother gôr+hanar
Gôr Soiled/Dirty gôr
Go-‘Or___ Descendant of Soiled/Dirty go-+gôr
Gorben Soiled/Dirty Person gôr+pen
Gwain – New (gwain)
Gwaineth New One gwain+-eth
Gwainien Of the New One gwain+-ien
Gwainiel Daughter of New One gwain+iell
Gwaissel New Girl gwain+sell
Gwaingwen New Maiden gwain+gwen
Gwaineth New Girl gwain+neth
Gwaindis New Bride gwain+dîs
Gwaindes New Maiden gwain+dess
Gwainith New Sister gwain+nîth
Gwainthel New Sister gwain+thêl
Gwaimes New Wife gwain+bess
Gwainon New One gwain+-on
Gwainion Son of New One gwain+-ion
Gwainder New Bridegroom gwain+der
Gwaindir New Man gwain+dîr
Gwaimen New Husband gwain+benn
Gwaithor New Brother gwain+tôr
Gwain New gwain
Go-‘Wain___ Descendant of New go-+gwain
Gwaimben New Person gwain+pen
Gwass – Stain (gwass)
Gwasseth Stain gwass+-eth
Gwassien Of the Stain gwass+-ien
Gwassiel Daughter of Stain gwass+iell
Gwassel Stain Girl gwass+sell
Gwasdis Stain Bride gwass+dîs
Gwasdes Stain Maiden gwass+dess
Gwasbes Stain Wife gwass+bess
Gwasson Stain gwass+-on
Gwassion Son of Stain gwass+-ion
Gwasder Stain Bridegroom gwass+der
Gwasdir Stain Man gwass+dîr
Gwasben Stain Husband gwass+benn
Gwastor Stain Brother gwass+tôr
Gwas Stain gwass
Go-‘Wass___ Descendant of Stain go-+gwass
Gwaspen Stain Person gwass+pen
Gwen – Stained (gwen)
Gweneth Stained One gwen+-eth
Gwenien Of the Stained One gwen+-ien
Gweniel Daughter of Stained One gwen+iell
Gwessel Stained Girl gwen+sell
Gweneth Stained Girl gwen+neth
Gwendis Stained Bride gwen+dîs
Gwendes Stained Maiden gwen+dess
Gwenith Stained Sister gwen+nîth
Gwenthel Stained Sister gwen+thêl
Gwemes Stained Wife gwen+bess
Gwenon Stained One gwen+-on
Gwenion Son of Stained One gwen+-ion
Gwender Stained Bridegroom gwen+der
Gwendir Stained Man gwen+dîr
Gwemen Stained Husband gwen+benn
Gwethor Stained Brother gwen+tôr
Gwen Stained gwen
Go-‘Wen___ Descendant of Stained go-+gwen
Gwemben Stained Person gwen+pen
Hall – Tall/Hidden (hall)
Halien Tall/Hidden One hall+-ien
Haliel Daughter of Tall/Hidden One hall+iell
Halhel Tall/Hidden Girl hall+sell
Halwen Tall/Hidden Maiden hall+gwen
Halneth Tall/Hidden Girl hall+neth
Haldis Tall/Hidden Bride hall+dîs
Haldes Tall/Hidden Woman hall+dess
Halnith Tall/Hidden Sister hall+nîth
Halthel Tall/Hidden Sister hall+thêl
Halbes Tall/Hidden Wife hall+bess
Halon Tall/Hidden One hall+-on
Halion Son of Tall/Hidden One hall+iôn
Halder Tall/Hidden Bridegroom hall+der
Haldir Tall/Hidden Man hall+dîr
Halben Tall/Hidden Husband hall+benn
Haldor Tall/Hidden Brother hall+tôr
Halchon Tall/Hidden Brother hall+hawn
Halchanar Tall/Hidden Brother hall+hanar
Hal Tall/Hidden hall
Go-Chal___ Descendant of Tall/Hidden go-+hall
Halben Tall/Hidden Person hall+pen
Harn – Wounded/Helmet (harn)
Harneth Wounded/Helmet One harn+-eth
Harnien Of the Wounded/Helmet One harn+-ien
Harniel Daughter of Wounded/Helmet One harn+iell
Harsel Wounded/Helmet Girl harn+sell
Harneth Wounded/Helmet Girl harn+neth
Harnith Wounded/Helmet Sister harn+nîth
Harmes Wounded/Helmet Wife harn+bess
Harnon Wounded/Helmet One harn+-on
Harnion Son of Wounded/Helmet One harn+-ion
Harmen Wounded/Helmet Husband harn+benn
Harthor Wounded/Helmet Brother harn+tôr
Harn Wounded/Helme harn
Go-Charn___ Descendant of Wounded/Helme go-+harn
Harphen Wounded/Helme Person harn+pen
Haru – Wound (haru)
Harweth Wound haru+-eth
Harwien Of the Wound haru+-ien
Harwiel Daughter of Wound haru+iell
Haruhel Wound Girl haru+sell
Harwen Wound Maiden haru+gwen
Haruneth Wound Girl haru+neth
Harunis Wound Bride haru+dîs
Harunes Wound Maiden haru+dess
Harunith Wound Sister haru+nîth
Haruthel Wound Sister haru+thêl
Haruves Wound Wife haru+bess
Harwon Wound haru+-on
Harwion Son of Wound haru+-ion
Haruner Wound Bridegroom haru+der
Harunir Wound Man haru+dîr
Haruven Wound Husband haru+benn
Harudor Wound Brother haru+tôr
Haruchon Wound Brother haru+hawn
Haru Wound haru
Go-Charu___ Descendant of Wound go-+haru
Haruben Wound Person haru+pen
Hell – Naked (hell)
Heleth Naked One hell+-eth
Helien Of the Naked One hell+-ien
Helwen Naked Maiden hell+gwen
Helneth Naked Girl hell+neth
Heldis Naked Bride hell+dîs
Heldes Naked Maiden hell+dess
Helnith Naked Sister hell+nîth
Helbes Naked Wife hell+bess
Helon Naked One hell+-on
Helion Son of Naked One hell+-ion
Helder Naked Bridegroom hell+der
Heldir Naked Man hell+dîr
Helben Naked Husband hell+benn
Heldor Naked Brother hell+tôr
Helchon Naked Brother hell+hawn
Helchanar Naked Brother hell+hanar
Hel Naked hell
Go-Chel___ Descendant of Naked go-+hell
Helben Naked Person hell+pen
Helch – Bitter Cold (helch)
Helcheth Bitter Cold One helch+-eth
Helchien Of the Bitter Cold One helch+-ien
Helchiel Daughter of Bitter Cold One helch+iell
Helchel Bitter Cold Girl helch+sell
Helchon Bitter Cold One helch+-on
Helchion Son of Bitter Cold One helch+-ion
Helchon Bitter Cold Brother helch+hawn
Helchanar Bitter Cold Brother helch+hanar
Helch Bitter Cold helch
Go-Chelch___ Descendant of Bitter Cold go-+helch
Heleth – Fur/Fur-Coat (heleth)
Helethien Of the Fur/Fur-Coat heleth+-ien
Helethiel Daughter of Fur/Fur-Coat heleth+iell
Helethel Fur/Fur-Coat Girl heleth+sell
Helethwen Fur/Fur-Coat Maiden heleth+gwen
Helethel Fur/Fur-Coat Sister heleth+thêl
Helethon Fur/Fur-Coat heleth+-on
Helethion Son of Fur/Fur-Coat heleth+-ion
Helethon Fur/Fur-Coat Brother heleth+hawn
Heleth Fur/Fur-Coat heleth
Go-Cheleth___ Descendant of Fur/Fur-Coat go-+heleth
Helf – Fur (helf)
Helveth Fur helf+-eth
Helvien Of the Fur helf+-ien
Helviel Daughter of Fur helf+iell
Helves Fur Wife helf+bess
Helvon Fur helf+-on
Helvion Son of Fur helf+-ion
Helven Fur Husband helf+benn
Helf Fur helf
Go-Chelv___ Descendant of Fur go-+helf
Helphen Fur Person helf+pen
Him – Cold (him)
Himeth Cold One him+-eth
Himien Cold One him+-ien
Himiel Daughter of Cold One him+iell
Himhel Cold Girl him+sell
Himdis Cold Bride him+dîs
Himdes Cold Woman him+dess
Himbes Cold Wife him+bess
Himon Cold One him+-on
Himion Son of Cold One him+iôn
Himder Cold Bridegroom him+der
Himdir Cold Man him+dîr
Himben Cold Husband him+benn
Himdor Cold Brother him+tôr
Him Cold him
Go-Him___ Descendant of Cold go-+him
Himben Cold Person him+pen
Hîw – Sticky (hîw)
Hiweth Sticky One hîw+-eth
Hiwien Sticky hîw+-ien
Hiwiel Daughter of Sticky One hîw+-iel
Hiwen Sticky Maiden hîw+gwen
Hiwon Sticky One hîw+-on
Hiwion Son of Sticky One hîw+-ion
Hîw Sticky hîw
Go-Chiw___ Descendant of Sticky go-+hîw
Iaur – Ancient/Old (iaur)
Ioreth Ancient/Old One iaur+-eth
Iorien Of the Ancient/Old One iaur+-ien
Ioriel Daughter of Ancient/Old One iaur+iell
Iorwen Ancient/Old Maiden iaur+gwen
Iornith Ancient/Old Sister iaur+nîth
Iorthel Ancient/Old Sister iaur+thêl
Iorbes Ancient/Old Wife iaur+bess
Ioron Ancient/Old One iaur+-on
Iorion Son of Ancient/Old One iaur+-ion
Iordir Ancient/Old Man iaur+dîr
Iorben Ancient/Old Husband iaur+benn
Iorchon Ancient/Old Brother iaur+hawn
Iorchanar Ancient/Old Brother iaur+hanar
Iaur Ancient/Old iaur
Go-Ior___ Descendant of Ancient/Old go-+iaur
Iorphen Ancient/Old Person iaur+pen
Ingem – Old/Year-Sick (ingem)
Ingemeth Old/Year-Sick One ingem+-eth
Ingemien Of the Old/Year-Sick One ingem+-ien
Ingemiel Daughter of Old/Year-Sick One ingem+iell
Ingemhel Old/Year-Sick Girl ingem+sell
Ingembes Old/Year-Sick Wife ingem+bess
Ingemon Old/Year-Sick One ingem+-on
Ingemion Son of Old/Year-Sick One ingem+-ion
Ingemdir Old/Year-Sick Man ingem+dîr
Ingemben Old/Year-Sick Husband ingem+benn
Ingemdor Old/Year-Sick Brother ingem+tôr
Ingem Old/Year-Sick ingem
Go-Ingem___ Descendant of Old/Year-Sick go-+ingem
Ingemben Old/Year-Sick Person ingem+pen
Inu – Feminine (inu)
Inwon Feminine One inu+-on
Inwion Son of Feminine One inu+-ion
Inuner Feminine Bridegroom inu+der
Inunir Feminine Man inu+dîr
Inuven Feminine Husband inu+benn
Inudor Feminine Brother inu+tôr
Inuchon Feminine Brother inu+hawn
Inu Feminine inu
Go-Inu___ Descendant of Feminine go-+inu
Inuben Feminine Person inu+pen
Iphant – Aged/Old (iphant)
Iphandeth Aged/Old One iphant+-eth
Iphandien Of the Aged/Old One iphant+-ien
Iphandiel Daughter of Aged/Old One iphant+iell
Iphanthel Aged/Old Girl iphant+sell
Iphangwen Aged/Old Maiden iphant+gwen
Iphannith Aged/Old Sister iphant+nîth
Iphanthel Aged/Old Sister iphant+thêl
Iphambes Aged/Old Wife iphant+bess
Iphandon Aged/Old One iphant+-on
Iphandion Son of Aged/Old One iphant+-ion
Iphandir Aged/Old Man iphant+dîr
Iphamben Aged/Old Husband iphant+benn
Iphandor Aged/Old Brother iphant+tôr
Iphant Aged/Old iphant
Go-Iphand___ Descendant of Aged/Old go-+iphant
Iphamben Aged/Old Person iphant+pen
Lanc – Naked (lanc)
Langeth Naked One lanc+-eth
Langien Of the Naked One lanc+-ien
Langiel Daughter of Naked One lanc+iell
Langwen Naked Maiden lanc+gwen
Langon Naked One lanc+-on
Langion Son of Naked One lanc+-ion
Lanc Naked lanc
Go-Lang___ Descendant of Naked go-+lanc
Land – Wide/Broad (land)
Lanneth Wide/Broad One land+-eth
Lannien Of the Wide/Broad One land+-ien
Lanniel Daughter of Wide/Broad One land+iell
Lanhel Wide/Broad Girl land+sell
Langwen Wide/Broad Maiden land+gwen
Lanneth Wide/Broad Girl land+neth
Landis Wide/Broad Bride land+dîs
Landes Wide/Broad Maiden land+dess
Lannith Wide/Broad Sister land+nîth
Lanthel Wide/Broad Sister land+thêl
Lambes Wide/Broad Wife land+bess
Lannon Wide/Broad One land+-on
Lannion Son of Wide/Broad One land+-ion
Lander Wide/Broad Bridegroom land+der
Landir Wide/Broad Man land+dîr
Lamben Wide/Broad Husband land+benn
Landor Wide/Broad Brother land+tôr
Land Wide/Broad land
Go-Lann___ Descendant of Wide/Broad go-+land
Lamben Wide/Broad Person land+pen
Laug – Warm (laug)
Logeth Warm One laug+-eth
Logien Of the Warm One laug+-ien
Logiel Daughter of Warm One laug+iell
Logwen Warm Maiden laug+gwen
Logneth Warm Girl laug+neth
Lognis Warm Bride laug+dîs
Lognes Warm Maiden laug+dess
Lognith Warm Sister laug+nîth
Locthel Warm Sister laug+thêl
Logon Warm One laug+-on
Logion Son of Warm One laug+-ion
Logner Warm Bridegroom laug+der
Lognir Warm Man laug+dîr
Lochon Warm Brother laug+hawn
Lochanar Warm Brother laug+hanar
Laug Warm laug
Go-Log___ Descendant of Warm go-+laug
Leb – Fresh (leb)
Lebeth Fresh One leb+-eth
Lebien Of the Fresh One leb+-ien
Lebiel Daughter of Fresh One leb+iell
Lebes Fresh Wife leb+bess
Lebon Fresh One leb+-on
Lebion Son of Fresh One leb+-ion
Leben Fresh Husband leb+benn
Leb Fresh leb
Go-Leb___ Descendant of Fresh go-+leb
Leben Fresh Person leb+pen
Legol – Nimble (legol)
Legoleth Nimble One legol+-eth
Legolien Of Nimble One legol+-ien
Legoliel Daughter of Nimble One legol+-iel
Legolhel Nimble Girl legol+sell
Legolwen Nimble Maiden legol+gwen
Legolneth Nimble Girl legol+neth
Legoldis Nimble Bride legol+dîs
Legoldes Nimble Woman legol+dess
Legolnith Nimble Sister legol+nîth
Legolthel Nimble Sister legol+thêl
Legolbes Nimble Wife legol+bess
Legolon Nimble One legol+-on
Legolion Son of Nimble One legol+-ion
Legolder Nimble Bridegroom legol+der
Legoldir Nimble Man legol+dîr
Legolben Nimble Husband legol+benn
Legolchon Nimble Brother legol+hawn
Legol Nimble legol
Go-Legol___ Descendant of Nimble go-+legol
Legolben Nimble Person legol+pen
Lest – Girdle (lest)
Lesteth Girdle lest+-eth
Lestien Of the Girdle lest+-ien
Lestiel Daughter of Girdle lest+iell
Lessel Girdle Girl lest+sell
Leston Girdle lest+-on
Lestion Son of Girdle lest+-ion
Lestor Girdle Brother lest+tôr
Lest Girdle lest
Go-Lest___ Descendant of Girdle go-+lest
Lhain – Lean/Thin (lhain)
Lhaineth Lean/Thin One lhain+-eth
Lhainien Of the Lean/Thin One lhain+-ien
Lhainiel Daughter of Lean/Thin One lhain+iell
Lhaissel Lean/Thin Girl lhain+sell
Lhaingwen Lean/Thin Maiden lhain+gwen
Lhaineth Lean/Thin Girl lhain+neth
Lhaindis Lean/Thin Bride lhain+dîs
Lhaindes Lean/Thin Maiden lhain+dess
Lhainith Lean/Thin Sister lhain+nîth
Lhainthel Lean/Thin Sister lhain+thêl
Lhaimes Lean/Thin Wife lhain+bess
Lhainon Lean/Thin One lhain+-on
Lhainion Son of Lean/Thin One lhain+-ion
Lhaindir Lean/Thin Man lhain+dîr
Lhaimen Lean/Thin Husband lhain+benn
Lhaithor Lean/Thin Brother lhain+tôr
Lhain Lean/Thin lhain
Go-Thlain___ Descendant of Lean/Thin go-+lhain
Lhaimben Lean/Thin Person lhain+pen
Lhew – Sickly/Ill (lhew)
Lheweth Sickly/Ill One lhew+-eth
Lhewien Of the Sickly/Ill One lhew+-ien
Lhewiel Daughter of Sickly/Ill One lhew+iell
Lhewen Sickly/Ill Maiden lhew+gwen
Lhewon Sickly/Ill One lhew+-on
Lhewion Son of Sickly/Ill One lhew+-ion
Lhew Sickly/Ill lhew
Go-Thlew___ Descendant of Sickly/Ill go-+lhew
Lhind – Fine/Slender (lhind)
Lhinneth Fine/Slender One lhind+-eth
Lhinnien Of the Fine/Slender One lhind+-ien
Lhinniel Daughter of Fine/Slender One lhind+iell
Lhinhel Fine/Slender Girl lhind+sell
Lhingwen Fine/Slender Maiden lhind+gwen
Lhinneth Fine/Slender Girl lhind+neth
Lhindis Fine/Slender Bride lhind+dîs
Lhindes Fine/Slender Maiden lhind+dess
Lhinnith Fine/Slender Sister lhind+nîth
Lhinthel Fine/Slender Sister lhind+thêl
Lhimbes Fine/Slender Wife lhind+bess
Lhinnon Fine/Slender One lhind+-on
Lhinnion Son of Fine/Slender One lhind+-ion
Lhinder Fine/Slender Bridegroom lhind+der
Lhindir Fine/Slender Man lhind+dîr
Lhimben Fine/Slender Husband lhind+benn
Lhindor Fine/Slender Brother lhind+tôr
Lhind Fine/Slender lhind
Go-Thlinn___ Descendant of Fine/Slender go-+lhind
Lhimben Fine/Slender Person lhind+pen
Lom – Weary (lom)
Lometh Weary One lom+-eth
Lomien Of the Weary One lom+-ien
Lomiel Daughter of Weary One lom+iell
Lomhel Weary Girl lom+sell
Lomdis Weary Bride lom+dîs
Lomdes Weary Maiden lom+dess
Lombes Weary Wife lom+bess
Lomon Weary One lom+-on
Lomion Son of Weary One lom+-ion
Lomder Weary Bridegroom lom+der
Lomdir Weary Man lom+dîr
Lomben Weary Husband lom+benn
Lomdor Weary Brother lom+tôr
Lom Weary lom
Go-Lom___ Descendant of Weary go-+lom
Lomben Weary Person lom+pen
Long – Heavy (long)
Longeth Heavy One long+-eth
Longien Of the Heavy One long+-ien
Longiel Daughter of Heavy One long+iell
Longwen Heavy Maiden long+gwen
Longon Heavy One long+-on
Longion Son of Heavy One long+-ion
Long Heavy long
Go-Long___ Descendant of Heavy go-+long
Lost – Empty (lost)
Losteth Empty One lost+-eth
Lostien Empty lost+-ien
Lostiel Daughter of Empty One lost+-iel
Lossel Empty Girl lost+
Loston Empty One lost+-on
Lostion Son of Empty One lost+-ion
Lostor Empty Brother lost+tôr
Lost Empty lost
Go-Lost___ Descendant of Empty go-+lost
Mai – Soft (mai)
Maihel Soft Girl mai+sell
Maiwen Soft Maiden mai+gwen
Maineth Soft Girl mai+neth
Mainis Soft Bride mai+dîs
Maines Soft Woman mai+dess
Mainith Soft Sister mai+nîth
Maithel Soft Sister mai+thêl
Maives Soft Wife mai+bess
Mainer Soft Bridegroom mai+der
Mainir Soft Man mai+dîr
Maiven Soft Husband mai+benn
Maidor Soft Brother mai+tôr
Maichon Soft Brother mai+hawn
Maichanar Soft Brother mai+hanar
Mai Soft mai
Go-Vai___ Descendant of Soft go-+mai
Maiben Soft Person mai+pen
Malfind – Gold Haired (malt+find)
Malfinneth Gold Haired One malt+finn-+-eth
Malfinnien Gold Haired One malt+finn-+-ien
Malfinniel Daughter of Gold Hair malt+finn-+iell
Malfinhel Gold Haired Girl malt+finn-+sell
Malfingwen Gold Haired Maiden malt+finn-+gwen
Malfinneth Gold Haired Girl malt+finn-+neth
Malfindes Gold Haired Woman malt+finn-+dess
Malfindis Gold Haired Bride malt+finn-+dîs
Malfinnith Gold Haired Sister malt+finn-+nîth
Malfinthel Gold Haired Sister malt+finn-+thêl
Malfimbes Gold Haired Wife malt+finn-+bess
Malfinnon Gold Haired malt+finn-+-on
Malfinnion Son of Gold Haired malt+finn-+-ion
Malfinder Gold Haired Bridegroom malt+finn-+der
Malfindir Gold Haired Man malt+finn-+dîr
Malfimben Gold Haired Husband malt+finn-+benn
Malfindor Gold Haired Brother malt+finn-+tôr
Malfind Gold Haired malt+find
Go-Malfinn___ Descendant of Gold Haired go-+malt+finn-
Malfimben Gold Haired Person malt+finn-+pen

Malrin – Lady Crowned with Gold (malt+rîn)

Maw – Soil/Stain (maw)
Maweth Soil/Stain maw+-eth
Mawien Of the Soil/Stain maw+-ien
Mawiel Daughter of Soil/Stain maw+iell
Mohel Soil/Stain Girl maw+sell
Mawen Soil/Stain Maiden maw+gwen
Moneth Soil/Stain Girl maw+neth
Monis Soil/Stain Bride maw+dîs
Mones Soil/Stain Maiden maw+dess
Monith Soil/Stain Sister maw+nîth
Mothel Soil/Stain Sister maw+thêl
Moves Soil/Stain Wife maw+bess
Mawon Soil/Stain maw+-on
Mawion Son of Soil/Stain maw+-ion
Moner Soil/Stain Bridegroom maw+der
Monir Soil/Stain Man maw+dîr
Moven Soil/Stain Husband maw+benn
Modor Soil/Stain Brother maw+tôr
Mochon Soil/Stain Brother maw+hawn
Mochanar Soil/Stain Brother maw+hanar
Maw Soil/Stain maw
Go-Vo___ Descendant of Soil/Stain go-+maw
Moben Soil/Stain Person maw+pen
Mecheneb – Sharp-Eyed (mecheneb)
Mechenebeth Sharp-Eyed One mecheneb+-eth
Mechenebien Of the Sharp-Eyed One mecheneb+-ien
Mechenebiel Daughter of Sharp-Eyed One mecheneb+iell
Mechenebes Sharp-Eyed Wife mecheneb+bess
Mechenebon Sharp-Eyed One mecheneb+-on
Mechenebion Son of Sharp-Eyed One mecheneb+-ion
Mecheneben Sharp-Eyed Husband mecheneb+benn
Mecheneb Sharp-Eyed mecheneb
Go-Vecheneb___ Descendant of Sharp-Eyed go-+mecheneb
Mecheneben Sharp-Eyed Person mecheneb+pen
Med – Shapely (med)
Medeth Shapely One med+-eth
Medien Shapely med+-ien
Mediel Daughter of Shapely One med+-iel
Messel Shapely Girl med+sell
Medwen Shapely Maiden med+gwen
Medis Shapely Bride med+dîs
Medes Shapely Woman med+dess
Medon Shapely One med+-on
Medion Son of Shapely One med+-ion
Meder Shapely Bridegroom med+der
Medir Shapely Man med+dîr
Medor Shapely Brother med+tôr
Med Shapely med
Go-Ved___ Descendant of Shapely go-+med
Mel – Stain/Stained (mel)
Meleth Stain mel+-eth
Melien Stained mel+-ien
Meliel Daughter of Stain mel+-iel
Melhel Stained Girl mel+sell
Melwen Stained Maiden mel+gwen
Melneth Stained Girl mel+neth
Meldis Stained Bride mel+dîs
Meldes Stained Woman mel+dess
Melnith Stained Sister mel+nîth
Melthel Stained Sister mel+thêl
Melbes Stained Wife mel+bess
Melon Stain mel+-on
Melion Son of Stain mel+-ion
Melder Stained Bridegroom mel+der
Meldir Stained Man mel+dîr
Melben Stained Husband mel+benn
Meldor Stained Brother mel+tôr
Melchon Stained Brother mel+hawn
Melchanar Stained Brother mel+hanar
Mel Stain mel
Go-Vel___ Descendant of Stain go-+mel
Melben Stained Person mel+pen
Mîw – Small/Tiny/Frail (mîw)
Míweth Small/Tiny/Frail One mîw+-eth
Míwien Small/Tiny/Frail mîw+-ien
Míwiel Daughter of Small/Tiny/Frail One mîw+-iel
Míwen Small/Tiny/Frail Maiden mîw+gwen
Míwon Small/Tiny/Frail One mîw+-on
Míwion Son of Small/Tiny/Frail One mîw+-ion
Mîw Small/Tiny/Frail mîw
Go-Víw___ Descendant of Small/Tiny/Frail go-+mîw
Naruthir – Red Face (naru+thîr)
Naruthireth Red Face naru+thîr+-eth
Naruthirien Of the Red Face naru+thîr+-ien
Naruthiriel Daughter of Red Face naru+thîr+iell
Naruthirhel Red Faced Girl naru+thîr+sell
Naruthirwen Red Faced Maiden naru+thîr+gwen
Naruthirneth Red Faced Girl naru+thîr+neth
Naruthirdis Red Faced Bride naru+thîr+dîs
Naruthirdes Red Faced Maiden naru+thîr+dess
Naruthirnith Red Faced Sister naru+thîr+nîth
Naruthirthel Red Faced Sister naru+thîr+thêl
Naruthirbes Red Faced Wife naru+thîr+bess
Naruthiron Red Face naru+thîr+-on
Naruthirion Son of Red Face naru+thîr+-ion
Naruthirder Red Faced Bridegroom naru+thîr+der
Naruthirdir Red Faced Man naru+thîr+dîr
Naruthirben Red Faced Husband naru+thîr+benn
Naruthirdor Red Faced Brother naru+thîr+tôr
Naruthirchon Red Faced Brother naru+thîr+hawn
Naruthir Red Face naru+thîr
Go-Naruthir___ Descendant of Red Face go-+naru+thîr
Naruthirphen Red Faced Person naru+thîr+pen
Naud – Bound (naud)
Nodeth Bound naud+-eth
Nodien Of a Bound naud+-ien
Nodiel Daughter of Bound naud+-iel
Nossel Bound Girl naud+sell
Nodwen Bound Maiden naud+gwen
Nodis Bound Bride naud+dîs
Nodes Bound Woman naud+dess
Nodon Bound naud+-on
Nodion Son of Bound naud+-ion
Noder Bound Bridegroom naud+der
Nodir Bound Man naud+dîr
Nodor Bound Brother naud+tôr
Naud Bound naud
Go-Nod___ Descendant of Bound go-+naud
Neth – Young (neth)
Nethien Young One neth+-ien
Nethiel Daughter of Young One neth+iell
Nethel Young Girl neth+sell
Nethwen Young Maiden neth+gwen
Nethel Young Sister neth+thêl
Nethon Young One neth+-on
Nethion Son of Young One neth+-ion
Nethon Young Brother neth+hawn
Nethanar Young Brother neth+hanar
Neth Young neth
Go-Neth___ Descendant of Young go-+neth
Nind – Slender (nind)
Ninneth Slender nind+-eth
Ninnien Of a Slender nind+-ien
Ninniel Daughter of Slender nind+-iel
Ninhel Slender Girl nind+sell
Ningwen Slender Maiden nind+gwen
Ninneth Slender Girl nind+neth
Nindis Slender Bride nind+dîs
Nindes Slender Woman nind+dess
Ninnith Slender Sister nind+nîth
Ninthel Slender Sister nind+thêl
Nimbes Slender Wife nind+bess
Ninnon Slender nind+-on
Ninnion Son of Slender nind+-ion
Ninder Slender Bridegroom nind+der
Nindir Slender Man nind+dîr
Nimben Slender Husband nind+benn
Nindor Slender Brother nind+tôr
Nind Slender nind
Go-Ninn___ Descendant of Slender go-+nind
Nimben Slender Person nind+pen
Norcheneb – Fire-eyed (naur+heneb)
Norchenebeth Fire-eyed One +naur+heneb-eth
Norchenebien Of the Fire-eyed One naur+heneb+-ien
Norchenebiel Daughter of Fire-eyed One naur+heneb+iell
Norchenebes Fire-eyed Wife naur+heneb+bess
Norchenebon Fire-eyed One naur+heneb+-on
Norchenebion Son of Fire-eyed One naur+heneb+-ion
Norcheneben Fire-eyed Husband naur+heneb+benn
Norcheneb Fire-eyed naur+heneb
Go-Norcheneb___ Descendant of Fire-eyed go-+naur+heneb
Norcheneben Fire-eyed Person naur+heneb+pen
Noruinif – Sunny Face (nórui+nîf)
Noruiniveth Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-eth
Noruinivien of a Sunny Face nórui+nîf+-ien
Noruiniviel Daughter of Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+iell
Noruinives Sunny Faced Wife nórui+nîf+bess
Noruinivon Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+-on
Noruinivion Son of Sunny Faced One nórui+nîf+iôn
Noruiniven Sunny Faced Husband nórui+nîf+benn
Noruinif Sunny Face nórui+nîf
Go-Noruiniv___ Descendant of Sunny Face go-+nórui+nîf
Noruiniphen Sunny Faced Person nórui+nîf+pen
Orchal – Tall (orchal)
Orchaleth Tall One orchal+-eth
Orchalien Of the Tall One orchal+-ien
Orchaliel Daughter of Tall One orchal+-iel
Orchalhel Tall Girl orchal+sell
Orchalwen Tall Maiden orchal+gwen
Orchalneth Tall Girl orchal+neth
Orchaldis Tall Bride orchal+dîs
Orchaldes Tall Woman orchal+dess
Orchalnith Tall Sister orchal+nîth
Orchalthel Tall Sister orchal+thêl
Orchalbes Tall Wife orchal+bess
Orchalon Tall One orchal+-on
Orchalion Son of Tall One orchal+-ion
Orchalder Tall Bridegroom orchal+der
Orchaldir Tall Man orchal+dîr
Orchalben Tall Husband orchal+benn
Orchaldor Tall Brother orchal+tôr
Orchalchon Tall Brother orchal+hawn
Orchal Tall orchal
Go-Orchal___ Descendant of Tall go-+orchal
Orchalben Tall Person orchal+pen
Pant – Full (pant)
Pandeth Full One pant+-eth
Pandien Full pant+-ien
Pandiel Daughter of Full One pant+-iel
Panthel Full Girl pant+sell
Pangwen Full Maiden pant+gwen
Panneth Full Girl pant+neth
Pandis Full Bride pant+dîs
Pandes Full Woman pant+dess
Pannith Full Sister pant+nîth
Panthel Full Sister pant+thêl
Pambes Full Wife pant+bess
Pandon Full One pant+-on
Pandion Son of Full One pant+-ion
Pander Full Bridegroom pant+der
Pandir Full Man pant+dîr
Pamben Full Husband pant+benn
Pandor Full Brother pant+tôr
Pant Full pant
Go-Band___ Descendant of Full go-+pant
Pamben Full Person pant+pen
Parch – Dry (parch)
Parcheth Dry One parch+-eth
Parchien Dry parch+-ien
Parchiel Daughter of Dry One parch+-iel
Parchel Dry Girl parch+sell
Parchon Dry One parch+-on
Parchion Son of Dry One parch+-ion
Parchon Dry Brother parch+hawn
Parchanar Dry Brother parch+hanar
Parch Dry parch
Go-Barch___ Descendant of Dry go-+parch
Path – Smooth (path)
Pathien Smooth path+-ien
Pathiel Daughter of Smooth One path+-iel
Pathel Smooth Girl path+sell
Pathwen Smooth Maiden path+gwen
Pathel Smooth Sister path+thêl
Pathon Smooth One path+-on
Pathion Son of Smooth One path+-ion
Pathon Smooth Brother path+hawn
Pathanar Smooth Brother path+hanar
Path Smooth path
Go-Bath___ Descendant of Smooth go-+path

Pel-lam – No Tongue/Language (pen-+lam)

Perchalad – Half Tall (per+halad)
Perchaladeth Half Tall One per+halad+-eth
Perchaladien Of the Half Tall One per+halad+-ien
Perchaladiel Daughter of Half Tall One per+halad+iell
Perchalassel Half Tall Girl per+halad+sell
Perchaladis Half Tall Bride per+halad+dîs
Perchalades Half Tall Maiden per+halad+dess
Perchaladon Half Tall One per+halad+-on
Perchaladion Son of Half Tall One per+halad+-ion
Perchalader Half Tall Bridegroom per+halad+der
Perchaladir Half Tall Man per+halad+dîr
Perchalador Half Tall Brother per+halad+tôr
Perchalad Half Tall per+halad
Go-Berchalad___ Descendant of Half Tall go-+per+halad
Pigen – Tiny (pigen)
Pigeneth Tiny One pigen+-eth
Pigenien Tiny pigen+-ien
Pigeniel Daughter of Tiny One pigen+-iel
Pigessel Tiny Girl pigen+sell
Pigengwen Tiny Maiden pigen+gwen
Pigeneth Tiny Girl pigen+neth
Pigendis Tiny Bride pigen+dîs
Pigendes Tiny Woman pigen+dess
Pigenith Tiny Sister pigen+nîth
Pigenthel Tiny Sister pigen+thêl
Pigemes Tiny Wife pigen+bess
Pigenon Tiny One pigen+-on
Pigenion Son of Tiny One pigen+-ion
Pigender Tiny Bridegroom pigen+der
Pigendir Tiny Man pigen+dîr
Pigemen Tiny Husband pigen+benn
Pigethor Tiny Brother pigen+tôr
Pigen Tiny pigen
Go-Bigen___ Descendant of Tiny go-+pigen
Pigemben Tiny Person pigen+pen
Pôm – Sickness (pôm)
Pómeth Sickness pôm+-eth
Pómien Of the Sickness pôm+-ien
Pómiel Daughter of Sickness pôm+iell
Pómhel Sickness Girl pôm+sell
Pómdis Sickness Bride pôm+dîs
Pómdes Sickness Maiden pôm+dess
Pómbes Sickness Wife pôm+bess
Pómon Sickness pôm+-on
Pómion Son of Sickness pôm+-ion
Pómder Sickness Bridegroom pôm+der
Pómdir Sickness Man pôm+dîr
Pómben Sickness Husband pôm+benn
Pómdor Sickness Brother pôm+tôr
Pôm Sickness pôm
Go-Bóm___ Descendant of Sickness go-+pôm
Pómben Sickness Person pôm+pen
Puig – Clean (puig)
Puigeth Clean One puig+-eth
Puigien Clean puig+-ien
Puigiel Daughter of Clean One puig+-iel
Puigwen Clean Maiden puig+gwen
Puigneth Clean Girl puig+neth
Puignis Clean Bride puig+dîs
Puignes Clean Woman puig+dess
Puignith Clean Sister puig+nîth
Puicthel Clean Sister puig+thêl
Puigon Clean One puig+-on
Puigion Son of Clean One puig+-ion
Puigner Clean Bridegroom puig+der
Puignir Clean Man puig+dîr
Puichon Clean Brother puig+hawn
Puichanar Clean Brother puig+hanar
Puig Clean puig
Go-Buig___ Descendant of Clean go-+puig
Reg – Crooked (reg)
Regeth Crooked One reg+-eth
Regien Of a Crooked One reg+-ien
Regiel Daughter of Crooked One reg+-iel
Regwen Crooked Maiden reg+gwen
Regneth Crooked Girl reg+neth
Regnis Crooked Bride reg+dîs
Regnes Crooked Woman reg+dess
Regnith Crooked Sister reg+nîth
Recthel Crooked Sister reg+thêl
Regon Crooked reg+-on
Region Son of Crooked reg+-ion
Regner Crooked Bridegroom reg+der
Regnir Crooked Man reg+dîr
Rechon Crooked Brother reg+hawn
Rechanar Crooked Brother reg+hanar
Reg Crooked reg
Go-Reg___ Descendant of Crooked go-+reg
Ren – Crooked (ren)
Reneth Crooked One ren+-eth
Renien Crooked ren+-ien
Reniel Daughter of Crooked One ren+-iel
Ressel Crooked Girl ren+sell
Rengwen Crooked Maiden ren+gwen
Reneth Crooked Girl ren+neth
Rendis Crooked Bride ren+dîs
Rendes Crooked Woman ren+dess
Renith Crooked Sister ren+nîth
Renthel Crooked Sister ren+thêl
Remes Crooked Wife ren+bess
Renon Crooked One ren+-on
Renion Son of Crooked One ren+-ion
Render Crooked Bridegroom ren+der
Rendir Crooked Man ren+dîr
Remen Crooked Husband ren+benn
Rethor Crooked Brother ren+tôr
Ren Crooked ren
Go-Ren___ Descendant of Crooked go-+ren
Remben Crooked Person ren+pen
Ring – Cold (ring)
Ringeth Cold One ring+-eth
Ringien Cold ring+-ien
Ringiel Daughter of Cold One ring+-iel
Ringwen Cold Maiden ring+gwen
Ringon Cold One ring+-on
Ringion Son of Cold One ring+-ion
Ring Cold ring
Go-Ring___ Descendant of Cold go-+ring
Rivalt – Gold Crown (rî+malt)
Rivalleth Gold Crown rî+malt+-eth
Rivallien of a Gold Crown rî+malt+-ien
Rivalliel Daughter of Gold Crown rî+malt+iell
Rivalwen Gold Crowned Maiden rî+malt+gwen
Rivalneth Gold Crowned Girl rî+malt+neth
Rivaldis Gold Crowned Bride rî+malt+dîs
Rivaldes Gold Crowned Woman rî+malt+dess
Rivalnith Gold Crowned Sister rî+malt+nîth
Rivalthel Gold Crowned Sister rî+malt+thêl
Rivalbes Gold Crowned Wife rî+malt+bess
Rivallon Gold Crown rî+malt+-on
Rivallion Son of Gold Crown rî+malt+-ion
Rivalder Gold Crowned Bridegroom rî+malt+der
Rivaldir Gold Crowned Man rî+malt+dîr
Rivalben Gold Crowned Husband rî+malt+benn
Rivaldor Gold Crowned Brother rî+malt+tôr
Rivalchon Gold Crowned Brother rî+malt+hawn
Rivalchanar Gold Crowned Brother rî+malt+hanar
Rivalt Gold Crown rî+malt
Go-Rivall___ Descendant of Gold Crown go-+rî+malt
Rivalben Gold Crowned Person rî+malt+pen
Sain – New (sain)
Saineth New One sain+-eth
Sainien New sain+-ien
Sainiel Daughter of New One sain+-iel
Saissel New Girl sain+sell
Saingwen New Maiden sain+gwen
Saineth New Girl sain+neth
Saindis New Bride sain+dîs
Saindes New Woman sain+dess
Sainith New Sister sain+nîth
Sainthel New Sister sain+thêl
Saimes New Wife sain+bess
Sainon New One sain+-on
Sainion Son of New One sain+-ion
Sainder New Bridegroom sain+der
Saindir New Man sain+dîr
Saimen New Husband sain+benn
Saithor New Brother sain+tôr
Sain New sain
Go-Hain___ Descendant of New go-+sain
Saimben New Person sain+pen
Selcheneb – Wise-eyed (sel+heneb)
Selchenebeth Wise-eyed One sel+heneb+-eth
Selchenebien Of the Wise-eyed One sel+heneb+-ien
Selchenebiel Daughter of Wise-eyed One sel+heneb+iell
Selchenebes Wise-eyed Wife sel+heneb+bess
Selchenebon Wise-eyed One sel+heneb+-on
Selchenebion Son of Wise-eyed One sel+heneb+-ion
Selcheneben Wise-eyed Husband sel+heneb+benn
Selcheneb Wise-eyed sel+heneb
Go-Selcheneb___ Descendant of Wise-eyed go-+sel+heneb
Selcheneben Wise-eyed Person sel+heneb+pen
Tâch – Firm/Stiff/Solid (tâch)
Tácheth Firm/Stiff/Solid One tâch+-eth
Táchien Of the Firm/Stiff/Solid One tâch+-ien
Táchiel Daughter of Firm/Stiff/Solid One tâch+iell
Táchel Firm/Stiff/Solid Girl tâch+sell
Táchwen Firm/Stiff/Solid Maiden tâch+gwen
Táchon Firm/Stiff/Solid One tâch+-on
Táchion Son of Firm/Stiff/Solid One tâch+-ion
Táchon Firm/Stiff/Solid Brother tâch+hawn
Táchanar Firm/Stiff/Solid Brother tâch+hanar
Tâch Firm/Stiff/Solid tâch
Go-Dách___ Descendant of Firm/Stiff/Solid go-+tâch
Targ – Tough/Stiff (targ)
Targeth Tough/Stiff One targ+-eth
Targien Tough/Stiff targ+-ien
Targiel Daughter of Tough/Stiff One targ+-iel
Targwen Tough/Stiff Maiden targ+gwen
Targon Tough/Stiff One targ+-on
Targion Son of Tough/Stiff One targ+-ion
Tarchon Tough/Stiff Brother targ+hawn
Tarchanar Tough/Stiff Brother targ+hanar
Targ Tough/Stiff targ
Go-Darg___ Descendant of Tough/Stiff go-+targ
Telphind – Silver Tresses (telf+find)
Telphinneth One with Silver Hair telf+finn-+-eth
Telphinnien of Silver Hair telf+finn-+-ien
Telphinniel Daughter of Silver Hair telf+finn-+iell
Telphinhel Silver Hair Girl telf+finn-+sell
Telphingwen Silver Hair Maiden telf+finn-+gwen
Telphinneth Silver Haired Girl telf+finn-+neth
Telphindis Silver Haired Bride telf+finn-+dîs
Telphindes Silver Haired Woman telf+finn-+dess
Telphinnith Silver Haired Sister telf+finn-+nîth
Telphinthel Silver Hair Sister telf+finn-+thêl
Telphimbes Silver Hair Wife telf+finn-+bess
Telphinnon Silver Haired One telf+finn-+-on
Telphinnion Son of Silver Haired One telf+finn-+iôn
Telphinder Silver Haired Bridegroom telf+finn-+der
Telphindir Silver Haired Man telf+finn-+dîr
Telphimben Silver Haired Husband telf+finn-+benn
Telphindor Silver Haired Brother telf+finn-+tôr
Telphind telf+find
Go-Delphinn___ Descendant of go-+telf+finn-
Telphimben Person telf+finn-+pen
Ten – Long and Thin (ten)
Teneth Long and Thin One ten+-eth
Tenien Long and Thin One ten+-ien
Teniel Daughter of Long and Thin One ten+iell
Tessel Long and Thin Girl ten+sell
Tengwen Long and Thin Maiden ten+gwen
Teneth Long and Thin Girl ten+neth
Tendis Long and Thin Bride ten+dîs
Tendes Long and Thin Woman ten+dess
Tenith Long and Thin Sister ten+nîth
Tenthel Long and Thin Sister ten+thêl
Temes Long and Thin Wife ten+bess
Tenon Long and Thin One ten+-on
Tenion Son of Long and Thin One ten+iôn
Tender Long and Thin Bridegroom ten+der
Tendir Long and Thin Man ten+dîr
Temen Long and Thin Husband ten+benn
Tethor Long and Thin Brother ten+tôr
Ten Long and Thin ten
Go-Den___ Descendant of Long and Thin go-+ten
Temben Long and Thin Person ten+pen
Ter – Straight (ter)
Tereth Straight One ter+-eth
Terien Straight ter+-ien
Teriel Daughter of Straight One ter+-iel
Terhel Straight Girl ter+sell
Terwen Straight Maiden ter+gwen
Terneth Straight Girl ter+neth
Terdis Straight Bride ter+dîs
Terdes Straight Woman ter+dess
Ternith Straight Sister ter+nîth
Terthel Straight Sister ter+thêl
Terbes Straight Wife ter+bess
Teron Straight One ter+-on
Terion Son of Straight One ter+-ion
Terdir Straight Man ter+dîr
Terben Straight Husband ter+benn
Terdor Straight Brother ter+tôr
Terchon Straight Brother ter+hawn
Terchanar Straight Brother ter+hanar
Ter Straight ter
Go-Der___ Descendant of Straight go-+ter
Terphen Straight Person ter+pen
Thent – Short (thent)
Thendeth Short One thent+-eth
Thendien Short thent+-ien
Thendiel Daughter of Short One thent+-iel
Thenhel Short Girl thent+sell
Thengwen Short Maiden thent+gwen
Thenneth Short Girl thent+neth
Thendis Short Bride thent+dîs
Thendes Short Woman thent+dess
Thennith Short Sister thent+nîth
Thembes Short Wife thent+bess
Thendon Short One thent+-on
Thendion Son of Short One thent+-ion
Thender Short Bridegroom thent+der
Thendir Short Man thent+dîr
Themben Short Husband thent+benn
Thendor Short Brother thent+tôr
Thent Short thent
Go-Thend___ Descendant of Short go-+thent
Themben Short Person thent+pen
Thiad – Apparition/Vision (thiad)
Thiadeth Apparition/Vision thiad+-eth
Thiadien Of the Apparition/Vision thiad+-ien
Thiadiel Daughter of Apparition/Vision thiad+iell
Thiassel Apparition/Vision Girl thiad+sell
Thiadis Apparition/Vision Bride thiad+dîs
Thiades Apparition/Vision Maiden thiad+dess
Thiadon Apparition/Vision thiad+-on
Thiadion Son of Apparition/Vision thiad+-ion
Thiader Apparition/Vision Bridegroom thiad+der
Thiadir Apparition/Vision Man thiad+dîr
Thiador Apparition/Vision Brother thiad+tôr
Thiad Apparition/Vision thiad
Go-Thiad___ Descendant of Apparition/Vision go-+thiad
Thirrest – Cut Face (thîr+rest)
Thirresteth Cut Face thîr+rest+-eth
Thirrestien Of Cut Face thîr+rest+-ien
Thirrestiel Daughter of Cut Face thîr+rest+iell
Thirressel Cut Face Girl thîr+rest+sell
Thirreston Cut Face thîr+rest+-on
Thirrestion Son of Cut Face thîr+rest+-ion
Thirrestor Cut Face Brother thîr+rest+tôr
Thirrest Cut Face thîr+rest
Go-Thirrest___ Descendant of Cut Face go-+thîr+rest
Thron – Stiff (thron)
Throneth Stiff One thron+-eth
Thronien Stiff thron+-ien
Throniel Daughter of Stiff One thron+-iel
Throssel Stiff Girl thron+sell
Throngwen Stiff Maiden thron+gwen
Throneth Stiff Girl thron+neth
Throndis Stiff Sister thron+dîs
Throndes Stiff Girl thron+dess
Thronith Stiff Sister thron+nîth
Thromes Stiff Wife thron+bess
Thronon Stiff One thron+-on
Thronion Son of Stiff One thron+-ion
Thronder Stiff Bridegroom thron+der
Throndir Stiff Man thron+dîr
Thronmen Stiff Husband thron+benn
Throchon Stiff Brother thron+hawn
Thron Stiff thron
Go-Thron___ Descendant of Stiff go-+thron
Thromben Stiff Person thron+pen
Thúren – Secret/Hidden (thúren)
Thureneth Secret/Hidden One thúren+-eth
Thurenien Of Secret/Hidden One thúren+-ien
Thureniel Daughter of Secret/Hidden One thúren+iell
Thuressel Secret/Hidden Girl thúren+sell
Thurengwen Secret/Hidden Maiden thúren+gwen
Thureneth Secret/Hidden Girl thúren+neth
Thurendis Secret/Hidden Bride thúren+dîs
Thurendes Secret/Hidden Woman thúren+dess
Thurenith Secret/Hidden Sister thúren+nîth
Thuremes Secret/Hidden Wife thúren+bess
Thurenon Secret/Hidden One thúren+-on
Thurenion Son of Secret/Hidden One thúren+iôn
Thurender Secret/Hidden Bridegroom thúren+der
Thurendir Secret/Hidden Man thúren+dîr
Thuremen Secret/Hidden Husband thúren+benn
Thúren Secret/Hidden thúren
Go-Thuren___ Descendant of Secret/Hidden go-+thúren
Thuremben Secret/Hidden Person thúren+pen
Tithen – Little/Tiny (tithen)
Titheneth Little/Tiny One tithen+-eth
Tithenien Little/Tiny tithen+-ien
Titheniel Daughter of Little/Tiny One tithen+-iel
Tithessel Little/Tiny Girl tithen+sell
Tithengwen Little/Tiny Maiden tithen+gwen
Titheneth Little/Tiny Girl tithen+neth
Tithendis Little/Tiny Bride tithen+dîs
Tithendes Little/Tiny Woman tithen+dess
Tithenith Little/Tiny Sister tithen+nîth
Tithemes Little/Tiny Wife tithen+bess
Tithenon Little/Tiny One tithen+-on
Tithenion Son of Little/Tiny One tithen+-ion
Tithender Little/Tiny Bridegroom tithen+der
Tithendir Little/Tiny Man tithen+dîr
Tithemen Little/Tiny Husband tithen+benn
Tithen Little/Tiny tithen
Go-Dithen___ Descendant of Little/Tiny go-+tithen
Tithemben Little/Tiny Person tithen+pen
Trêw – Fine/Slender (trêw)
Treweth Fine/Slender One trêw+-eth
Trewien Of a Fine/Slender One trêw+-ien
Trewiel Daughter of Fine/Slender One trêw+-iel
Trewen Fine/Slender Maiden trêw+gwen
Trewon Fine/Slender One trêw+-on
Trewion Son of Fine/Slender One trêw+-ion
Trêw Fine/Slender trêw
Go-Drew___ Descendant of Fine/Slender go-+trêw
Trewath – Slender Shadow (tréw+gwath)
Trewathien Of the Slender Shadow tréw+gwath+-ien
Trewathiel Daughter of Slender Shadow tréw+gwath+iell
Trewathel Slender Shadow Girl tréw+gwath+sell
Trewathwen Slender Shadow Maiden tréw+gwath+gwen
Trewathel Slender Shadow Sister tréw+gwath+thêl
Trewathon Slender Shadow tréw+gwath+-on
Trewathion Son of Slender Shadow tréw+gwath+-ion
Trewathon Slender Shadow Brother tréw+gwath+hawn
Trewathanar Slender Shadow Brother tréw+gwath+hanar
Trewath Slender Shadow tréw+gwath
Go-Drewath___ Descendant of Slender Shadow go-+tréw+gwath
– Strength (tû)
Túhel Strength Girl tû+sell
Túwen Strength Maiden tû+gwen
Túneth Strength Girl tû+neth
Túnis Strength Bride tû+dîs
Túnes Strength Woman tû+dess
Túnith Strength Sister tû+nîth
Túthel Strength Sister tû+thêl
Túves Strength Wife tû+bess
Túon Strength tû+-on
Túner Strength Bridegroom tû+der
Túnir Strength Man tû+dîr
Túven Strength Husband tû+benn
Túdor Strength Brother tû+tôr
Túchon Strength Brother tû+hawn
Túchanar Strength Brother tû+hanar
Go-Dú___ Descendant of Strength go-+tû
Túben Strength Person tû+pen
Tûg – Thick/Fat (tûg)
Túgeth Thick/Fat One tûg+-eth
Túgien Of a Thick/Fat One tûg+-ien
Túgiel Daughter of Thick/Fat One tûg+-iel
Túgwen Thick/Fat Maiden tûg+gwen
Túgneth Thick/Fat Girl tûg+neth
Túgnis Thick/Fat Bride tûg+dîs
Túgnes Thick/Fat Woman tûg+dess
Túgnith Thick/Fat Sister tûg+nîth
Túcthel Thick/Fat Sister tûg+thêl
Túgon Thick/Fat One tûg+-on
Túgion Son of Thick/Fat One tûg+-ion
Túgner Thick/Fat Bridegroom tûg+der
Túgnir Thick/Fat Man tûg+dîr
Túchon Thick/Fat Brother tûg+hawn
Túchanar Thick/Fat Brother tûg+hanar
Tûg Thick/Fat tûg
Go-Dúg___ Descendant of Thick/Fat go-+tûg
Tund – Tall (tund)
Tunneth Tall One tund+-eth
Tunnien Tall tund+-ien
Tunniel Daughter of Tall One tund+-iel
Tunhel Tall Girl tund+sell
Tungwen Tall Maiden tund+gwen
Tunneth Tall Girl tund+neth
Tundis Tall Bride tund+dîs
Tundes Tall Woman tundnd+dess
Tunnith Tall Sister tund+nîth
Tunthel Tall Sister tund+thêl
Tumbes Tall Wife tund+bess
Tunnon Tall One tund+-on
Tunnion Son of Tall One tund+-ion
Tunder Tall Bridegroom tund+der
Tundir Tall Man tund+dîr
Tumben Tall Husband tund+benn
Tundor Tall Brother tund+tôr
Tund Tall tund
Go-Dunn___ Descendant of Tall go-+tund
Tumben Tall Person tund+pen
Ûr – Wide/Heat (ûr)
Úreth Wide/Heat One ûr+-eth
Úrien Of Wide/Heat One ûr+-ien
Úriel Daughter of Wide/Heat One ûr+-iel
Úrhel Wide/Heat Girl ûr+sell
Úrwen Wide/Heat Maiden ûr+gwen
Úrneth Wide/Heat Girl ûr+neth
Úrdis Wide/Heat Bride ûr+dîs
Úrdes Wide/Heat Woman ûr+dess
Úrnith Wide/Heat Sister ûr+nîth
Úrthel Wide/Heat Sister ûr+thêl
Úrbes Wide/Heat Wife ûr+bess
Úron Heat/Wide ûr+-on
Úrion Son of Heat/Wide ûr+-ion
Úrder Heat/Wide Bridegroom ûr+der
Úrdir Heat/Wide Man ûr+dîr
Úrben Heat/Wide Husband ûr+benn
Úrdor Heat/Wide Brother ûr+tôr
Úrchon Heat/Wide Brother ûr+hawn
Úrchanar Heat/Wide Brother ûr+hanar
Ûr Wide/Heat ûr
Go-Úr___ Descendant of Wide/Heat go-+ûr
Úrphen Wide/Heat Person ûr+pen
Usp – Reek (usp)
Usbeth Reek usp+-eth
Usbien Of the Reek usp+-ien
Usbiel Daughter of Reek usp+-iel
Usbes Reek Wife usp+bess
Usbon Reek usp+-on
Usbion Son of Reek usp+-ion
Usben Reek Man usp+benn
Usp Reek usp
Go-Usb___ Descendant of Reek go-+usp
Uspen Reek Person usp+pen